Season 25 Asia Server Unmanaged

Asia server season character not created
Among the people who made the season characters, there are people who have level 150 legendary gems in the warehouse, and there are people who have level 3000 or higher Paragon.


Yeah, they need to do a full reset of the season honestly.



I created a Season 25 character and… I got a level 1 Paragon 622 character.

Upon creation of the character, I received notification that all my artisans were level 12 and that I had found Kanai’s cube.

I checked… and yes, my 3 artisans are level 12 and the cube is there:

There is also some legendary gems (including a level 50 Boon of the Hoarder) and other items in my stash

All these seem to be the remnants of the messy end of Season 24. When Season 24 ended… it didn’t really end for me… and I made some posts:

Season 25 is messier now than the end of Season 24 was, even if that is difficult to imagine.


I get the feeling that the people running the Asian server are just hammered on Soju or are stoned. It’s consistently messed up. I don’t know if they are trying to manage multiple server farms and the admins don’t talk to each other or what.

Old Challenge rifts not resetting at the end of the week. The bad Season 24 end. Achievement toasts from ancient achievements, I often get the Starcraft Anniverseray achievement toast for whatever reason when entering a game. I just think the Asian server admins either don’t know what they are doing, or don’t care what they are supposed to be doing.


There is no need for blame… especially since there is no information on what’s broken.

Let’s just report facts and let Blizzard figure out what they want to do, if anything. I’d ask for a reset of the season… but that would be unfair to those who had a normal season 25 start… I’m also concerned that, somehow, they would make it worse than what it is right now.

I’m now lvl 33 and, although the 130 paragon points in strength are nice, I still have to do the bounties to pickup crafting mats (for the cube) and plans/drawings. Both Haedrig and Shen have forgotten all they learned in Season 24; the cube has also lost all the powers it had at the end of Season 24. Also, I have no weapon/armour that I can use… all the items brought forward from Season 24 are all level 70… and my gem of ease is lvl 0.

Of course, playing will get a lot easier once I reach level 70… some of the items will give me a boost… but I still have to get there.


The top Monk on the LB is using an Ethereal from Season 24 right now. It is unfair to allow that to continue.


It certainly is… mine were taken away from me a few days ago after some player complained about it. :slight_smile:

And then there’s a DH, that did GR101 solo in 4:48 at 862 para, less than 1:30 hrs into the season, wearing 5 (FIVE!) primals.

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This is pure insanity… what is happening on Asia server?!?

They need to restart the Season in my opinion.

There are people creating new seasonal heroes with all their leftover loot from season 24 in their stash, and all their season 24 Paragon levels.

All they have to do is put their Gem of Ease in a weapon, and get 1-70 in about 5-10 mins, then start running Speed GRs.

Blizzard can’t let this continue. It defeats the entire premise of everyone starting over on equal footing.


I have again, for the third or 4th time tried to escalate this. I have yet to hear anything about it. All the concerns you guys had from season end were valid and you were right season start would be rather broken.

I agree with the comments about needing to wipe and restart after they fix it. They need to get rollover fixed as well so people get those paragons that did not move, get their gear, etc.


Although I do not care about leaderboards (I play solo exclusively… so I’m playing against myself, sort of), I would agree that they need to somehow restart the Season on Asia. Players will whine and scream about it… but once players start cheating and exploiting Season 24 end-of-season mess, there is only one way to go.

My only comfort is that Season 25 will start in about 40 minutes on Europe… so I will be able to leave the Asia mess behind and switch to Europe while Blizzard deals with Season 25 on Asia. I can only hope that whatever is happening on Asia is not going to happen on Europe.

Anyone remember this…

…before they moved to the 3 day gap between patch and season start, a few seasons ago.


To be fair, 5 days worked just fine on EU and NA (ignoring the DH exploit).

Cue some Meatloaf song about 2 out of 3…

Except we didn’t have the season 24 end problems on EU or NA. This is an internal problem to the Asia realm only, and I doubt they’d have their stuff together even if they had an extra week. Asia has had problems for months now.

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The Season 25 start for players in the Asia region has been encountering issues. Issues we’re aware of are related to season 24 content such as paragon levels and Ethereal weapons breaching into the season.

We apologize for the inconvenience and our team is investigating at a swift pace with a target to resolve these issues as soon as possible.


I have a bug. I can’t play on the NA server and get all the cool stuff they have from these bugs.

tldr; asia has been buggy for ages, sometimes save char data gets out of sync with the state of the on/off season.

I started this season on asia with 91 paragon and 2mil gold. I also guessed it would happen.
last season I decided to try and complete the season journey in all the regions (Im in NZ so my ping is poor to all of them anyway). I noticed that asia servers always showed me the same Challenge Rift week after week. People suggested logging in and out until you would see the correct CR, this didnt work but what I did notice was that sometimes when I would login I would have 0 paragon (instead of the 800ish I had). I had everything I was wearing and anything in the inventory but the stash was empty. I would switch between classes and log in and out, they would all be 0 paragon. So I played a few rifts, logged in and out and my 800 paragon was back, anything I had from those few rifts was gone. This happened a lot over the end of the season and non season. Every now and then Id get the wierd low paragon back, it eventually built up to 91 paragon and a few mil in gold.
It was like how your stuff is handled after season end, you have stuff you are wearing but not in your stash (that you have to claim via mail). This felt was like I was sometimes logging into a user profile server that wasnt in sync with the rest of the region, it didnt know what para I had or what my stash was. There were other issues on asia too, most of the time you couldnt load the ‘shop’ to get pets equipped etc, or the game would give random errors when launching.
At the start of this week the asia Challenge Rift finally changed, ping improved and a lot of errors went away. However once the season started, the seasonal monk I created had 91 paragon and I knew the issue was back. Given that previously sometimes I would eventually revert to the correct paragon I didnt want to see that happen during the hard work of season start, so I just kept logging in and out of D3 and remaking a new monk in the hope of seeing 0 paragon, but it was always 91 para. So I caved and played the season, but I didnt do the CR as that had never worked for me, or it had never given me the reward. Dumping the para I had in movement speed and resource reduction helped, the 2 mil gold got town leveled up and some crafting done. I got lucky in finding crudest boots and leroics helm on the way so it didnt take too long to get to 70. I got 2 shards from kulle, 1 from a random chest, and 1 from an elite, so the rubies helped too, though the drop rate is far less than some youtubers would have you believe.
After I hit 70 I gave the CR a shot and for the first time on asia it actually worked and I received the reward.

I’m going to guess everyone else is similar, If you had a previous season or off season that was loaded in this weird way, when you made a new character this season it just continued the same thing of thinking you were already underway with whatever paragon and gear it thought you had, especially if you rebirthed.

Anyway, I’m confident, the issue is in asia only as Ive never experienced it on US or europe. Im also confident the blizzard team will eventually resolve it, but it will be interesting to see if they restart the asia season or not, right now, nobody is competing on even ground.

Sharing that the team is still investigating and digging into the Asia region issues. At the moment we don’t have a timeline to share, but wanted to keep folks in the know the we’re working on it. As soon as I get more information, ill be quick to provide updates to you all.

Thanks for your patience on this.