Season 24 Ethereal opinion

Wrong argument Jazz. I did not say it was difficult. Saying its ez pz does not make it pleasurable or enjoyable. The task wasn’t arduous which made it tolerable. Tolerable and enjoyable are not the same.

Keep telling yourself that to sooth your discontent.

Amen pastor.

You mistake having the power to change versus the power to speak out against and contest. It would be scarier scenario (for Acti-Blizz) for me to be silent than for me to voice my displeasure. Once upon a time there were a group of people who spoke out and Blizzard shutdown the RMAH. They rejoiced in the forums. They rejoiced in videos. The End.

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The vast majority of the entire player base vs one player. Gee, I really can’t tell the difference between those two groups.

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Sorry, but it must be your arguments that are wrong:
This is part one:

And now part two:

So it was both tolerable and also intolerable.

Tolerable but not enjoyable. Much like taking aspirin. The pill is bitter as hell on the tongue but we tolerate the bitterness just long enough to wash it away with water. We wash it away while wincing in displeasure.

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So taking an aspirin is like “having a poisoned spirit” and “definitely not healthy”?

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No doctor Philis Phillaby. It was tolerable because it wasn’t arduous. I suffered though it much like wincing when taking aspirin. Do you know what happens after swallowing the 3-4 gulps of water? You continue to wince in displeasure because the bitter taste is not fully gone. Hence, my full body rejection of video games, people, people’s bull sh–, drama, drama in the news, witty banter coming from loved ones, etc. It was like having a poisoned spirit. FYI, aspirin is a poison. Its just that we take it in very low doses infrequently which is why we don’t die from it.

Keep in mind I still have not played any games beyond minor testing on Linux. I have no desire to continue season 24. My son asked if I wanted to grab Cyberpunk 2077. Nah. I take issue with Blizzard and express my displeasure in the forums. CDPR is a truly sh—y company. They are not worthy of my feedback or my money. They could make CP 2077 as a flawless native 64-bit Linux game and I would not install it if it were a free download.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone have that reaction to a pill. Now liquid medicine can be quite unpleasant, but pills? No.

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Yeah. Not my words, but some would probably say it’s more Wimpy than Bossy.

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If u find the game suffering u should rly move on. U sort of have to accept it though. The challenge was for those who wanted something more to do after being done with the journey. It wasnt made for ppl who doesnt play nor want to play the game. Sucking up u do when u old enough to understand that things arent made to satisfy u and u only. Just cause u dont like it, it doesnt mean the challenge was too hard or unpleasant. Many ppl believe it was too ez.

The challenge is fully optional, no need to do it if u find it too hard. It would be advantegeous for the devs to stop listening to the ppl who doesnt play the game and only want things for free. Consider its a while before season end and many ppl are alrdy done with it they rly should just make it a harder challenge for next season.

Somehow just saw this despite it’s popularity, I’m sorry you’re not enjoying this season old friend - was wondering where you went after your hunt for the Ethereals. I offer no argument to your points, just a different perspective.

I’m having a total blast this season just by playing with the Ethereals rather than hunting for them! It was touch and go at first as it took me awhile to find a good one for my build, but once I did it was a blast. Then I did something I usually never do and that’s because of the theme, and make another character within the season once I found the Buriza on wizard…I made a DH and actually enjoying it! No other theme has caused me to do this.

But I can see where one would become unmotivated and just try to finish off the quest and be done. So I totally see your view point here. Doing the quest itself before you find the Ethereals you want IMO puts a drag on the fun factor and really demotivates you to further play, it’s like ‘really I’m doing this AGAIN?’. But really as some have stated here you’d be surprised how they just come when you’re really not searching for them for a completion, just by playing the game. I swear once I got the one I was looking for, they just started piling on, Murphy’s Law.

I just wanted to highlight being the wizard I’ve known you for, being excited about off-meta builds doing good, testing them out and discovering different ways…like…this is your season man! I’ve been killing it with different variations and off-meta builds which Ethereals allow. So it’s rather disappointing to hear this, I feel you haven’t given the actual theme much a chance other than hunting for it for the transmog so I must agree with some of the counter-arguments here (ignoring the trollish ones).

On a personal note, I really hope things improve for you IRL because you’re a cool dude who’s always had a positive roll in the wizard community so I hope to see you back and grind with you; have some fun again. Maybe next season? See what they come up with. If it happens to not be in D3 then hopefully D4.

I’m always here if you want someone to talk to buddy.
Take care of yourself BD

What is not motivating is having to hunt (at all) for the full 21 transmogs when I’m only interested in 2 of them. There is a much greater chance of getting the t-mogs for the non-Wiz classes by actually using the non-Wiz classes. The problem is I don’t want to create/play a Barb, Necro, Monk, etc. Its not difficult to farm the Ethereals on those classes using the low level vault method. Its just I don’t find it fun playing those classes. However, why would I not hop on those classes and put myself at the mercy of a low RNG chance at getting non-Wiz Ethereals. I would have to suffer the long wait for RNG to bless me 21 times at level cap on Wiz or use the low level vault method with 30 puzzle rings or less. I took the lesser of the annoying options.

You are correct about the off META builds. However, I still have yet to be able to enjoy the Firebird set. Last season I ran into the Firebird lag which ruined the fun. The lag is not tied to my play style, paragon, in-game gear, hardware, Windows 10 installation, or my internet (I play on wired gigabit ethernet). When I say I haven’t been able to enjoy the Firebird set, I mean during last season and since RoS release when it was introduced. The first iteration of FB was crap, the second iteration was crap and stayed that way for more 5+ years (??), and now the latest revision of FB is still broken. So, I’ve been waiting for the devs to fix the lag and post a notification. There was a post about them doing some work after a brief PTR, but there has been no communication about a fix yet. If they aren’t going to fix the FB set and lag issues, but are willing to neuter stuff like the ET sword/channeling sword/Sigil/etc., and put all that work into the Ethereal theme, there is no point in playing. I complied, completed the FoS, got the t-mogs, and now we wait for the devs to fix the issues. Lag and de-sync for 10+ seconds, whether solo or in a party, is unacceptable. Also, it isn’t going to be fun if the off META builds only work because of the Ether weapons and only for a single season. The devs can do better than that. I can appreciate that they put in some effort to come up with a seasonal theme that is off the beaten path, but with the performance issues its like serving a fresh, juicy, delicious steak to me in a dirty garbage can. The negatives are overwhelming the positives.

Thank you. I still have yet to play any games (video or otherwise). I’ve been using my spare time to do calisthenics and non-technical reading (gotta keep the body and mind healthy). As I said in my original post, I haven’t experienced that poisoned spirit feeling in more than a decade. Its not healthy and the last thing I want to contend with is health problems. Those are a misery I would not wish upon my worst enemy. We shall see what the devs do with D3 and its issues. I hope they don’t screw up D4. I have not kept up with D2R.

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