Season 24 Ethereal opinion

Well… Hawaiian is my favorite pizza…

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A little of the joy in my soul just died :sob:

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And LB is optional. Just like transmog. We not gonna give u a free rank 1 om LB just cause u want it and doesnt want to put effort.
None cares about what u want. U dont get paid cause u want to get paid u get paid cause u work.
Only a parent care about what u want when u are a baby. When u get older u have to earn it. U just sound spoiled. This is the reality. Suck it up the world arent made to please u.

The thing I don’t get is why people are so hyped over seasonal to begin with.

You get Ethereals which drops almost as regularly as magical / rare items, yet you hardly ever get a primal drop…, and by ‘hardly ever’ I mean maybe 1 every 100 GR run.

Next you have ZERO new content compared to non-seasonal play, so all you essentially get is Ethereals and a few achievements + cosmetics.

If this kind of formula is expected for D4 in the future, I will be avoiding it like Riot games aka the plague!

Seasonal theme combined with New and old builds. Different meta, more parties. Starting over. Not having perfect gears and max lvl gems. Trying to beat your paragon in a season or even clear gr150 at lower paragon.

Some also care about LB and the cosmetics.

Prolly some other reasons like starting with friends again.


If you play a strong class/build that benefits a lot from ethereals you can rake in a lot of paragon points which will benefit you when season ends, you can upgrade a load of gems to a high levels which is a great benefit too after season and you can earn the stash tab and cosmetics.

Pretty sure the “parents caring” is a lifetime benefit in most cases.

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'What you want". Sure they always care about u as their child but they wont give u what u want. So if u want a new car would your parents buy u one? Or even a New game? Most parents wouldnt. When u are a child they might buy toys which u want or even take u to a amusement park since u want to.

Well, not everything maybe, but I have dinner with my mom once a week, and she always ask me what I want :stuck_out_tongue:

Not for nuthin, but when you get older the roles reverse. Instead of them taking care of you, you take care of them.

And I got to say, if you don’t spoil your parents when your old enough, you’re terrible human being. So all through your life. At two points in your life, you get what you want from the people that love you. From your parents when you’re a child, and from your kids when they’re grown.

Just sayin’.

As in Ethereals drop for me every 2 - 3 NR / GR runs (With the odd discrepancy lowering it to every 5 NR / GR runs).
On the other hand I cannot get a single Primal drop, I had a 2-3 drops right after hitting lvl 70 while duo’ing and 2 from Kadala (This was pre 100 PP), since then I’ve not seen a single primal.

Sure I get it, the good ancient is almost a perfect primal bla bla bla…, and having 3 winning numbers out of 7 on the lottery ticket is almost like holding a cool million in your hand :roll_eyes:

Point being, the system is absolut dogsh… actively encouraging multiple characters for no reason, fast tracking the urge to leave the game since the replay value overall is 1 / 10.

[quote=“Banzhe-21616, post:72, topic:42066”]

So it’s not "you get ethereals… it’s “I get ethereals…”. For most people the drop rate is about 1 in 100 so it’s more like one ethereal every nine to ten GRs. There will most likely be periods where you get ethereals more often, followed by dry spells.

One could make another point, namely that with ethereals players are able to set new highs making it a fun and enjoyable season.

Sucking it up is for those who choose to suffer in silence. Its called having an opinion. You don’t have to like or agree with it. Just like I don’t have to accept it. So step back and put some respect on it.

My opinion is also feed back. I’m the one being vocal about my displeasure with the season theme arrangement but trust that they are many others who also do not find this season’s theme arrangement enjoyable. A bitter taste lasts longer on the tongue and in memory than the taste of something sweet. So, it would be advantageous for the devs and their leadership to take what I posted into consideration with future development. Be easy, cheesey.


As I said above, I’m not the only one who doesn’t enjoy this arrangement. AND… I want to make a fine point here. I’m using words and phrases like “displeasure”, “not enjoyable”, “tolerable”, “not arduous”. Banzhe is already at “dogsh…”. Anger and resentment from a paying customer brought-on by a bitter experience is a tide that is hard to push back. If folks are not careful they will find themselves soaking wet and washed ashore (aka all washed up).

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Ehtereals affixes are too limited. Would be better if they expanded upon them and took their time.

May I call you Nay-Nay for short?

You also said:

Getting the achievement the “cheesy way” was literally “easy peasy”.

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Yeah, you do. You have zero power to change it, so you accept it or move the hell on.

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

That might be true, but “doing something” unless you have power to back that up does equally nothing.

Good men don’t impersonate others.

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