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Just once for both.

Found the comment. :grin:


Nah I’ll never reach that 150 solo and I’m fine with that. Like most players I have a life, a job and a family. This is my fun time and I’ll take it however I can. If you want to spend that much time playing a game, go ahead. But remember not everyone shares your remarks.

This non-season WD player would like to thank you for nothing.

are you serious though with having to get every single ethereal just to keep transmog of the few/one that one wants?
hopefully you guys come to your senses later in the season.

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any announcements that if the era will reset or no?

Not that I recall seeing, and Blizz Tracker doesn’t show one. As there are changes to set items for a number of classes I would hope there’s an era reset otherwise we’re going to have the situation (again) where we have people in new versions obliterating the old records.

Look. Most of ppl in the leader boards are bots others r amazing n others cba… sort it out…yea (honestly)

Hey everyone - Patch 2.7.1 is now live.


Will you reset the era? With MotBC set so utterly butchered the era needs to be reset.

Have fun everyone… cba i’ll just watch the complaints as usual xD. COME ON D4.

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Just looked at non-seasonal solo Barb leaderboards on EU. It’s still Era 2021-1 and the Rank 1 clearance is a GR150 from May. So, no reset has occurred, and I guess all those lovely Monk changes means the solo Monk leaderboards are about to be destroyed.

As others noted, it would be appropriate to reset the non-season/era leaderboard.

Any plans on revisiting Rathma set changes? If you’ve given up on it, can we at least get bone spirit back? Horrible set with one source of damage that is heavily relying on cooldown. Thanks much.

Are there some hidden changes to Ethereals that weren’t mentioned? Just asking, but will see anyways on Friday. I hope. :slight_smile: much love <3

its funny you cant find info in the news article about console launch … and as i see its not 5pm cest… why ignore one platform? :confused:

MY only problem is I don’t think some of the ethereal have random legendary powers. I have seen 8 Buriza’s and they all have had Kaleni’s Point power. I would love to see something else maybe the dev team goes in and checks the code. but this is just really disheartening.

Nice one blizzard. after spending 160hours building my bone spear build you crippled him. You dealt more damage to the necromancer with 1 Patch than he could ever hope to deal. Can i pls go back to season 23?

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More of a complaint than an actual issue, but the Ethereal Hydra Bows (meant for Demon Hunters only) that I have received all have Strength as the added attribute, not Dexterity. Pretty useless for an item drop when I’m soloing with a Demon Hunter

Servers NOT LIVE… Servers have been down for about 40 minutes now and Blizzard took about 25 minutes before they told us they were looking into it…

Well the one I got has the Bombsack power AND Custom Engineering…so it must just be that lovely RNG…

(BTW - gonna try this with N6M4)