Season 24 - Ethereal Memory - Has Ended!

Can we end this stupid season already?

They’re waiting for me to end the seasonal journey and farm all ethereals.

Going to take me a month still. Sorry. :neutral_face:


End this boring season already…

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Why do the Ethereals not have Vit in their attributes? It’s one of the reasons I missed most of the season. I will not give the dates out, but rest assured, the dates will be out at some point after PTR ends on Thursday.

They do…

All Stats = Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence and Vitality.

So, you missed the season because you didn’t do some basic testing, i.e. check your vitality without a weapon equipped, then equip an ethereal and see if it increases or not?


The end is near.

Remember to scrap your ethereals before the end for mats & keys!

With S24 ending on December 5th, I’d expect patch 2.7.2 to arrive on the 7th and S25 to start on the 10th.

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What will happen to Ethereal weapons at the end of the season?

They’ll just disappear.

Brake them down to mats and GR keys before the end of seson.


The process for what happens to Ethereals at the end of the season was detailed and tested on the PTR…

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Can you check with the devs the possibility of reducing the level requirement of The Ninth Cirri’s Satchel to 11 or 15 in patch 2.7.2?

Did you manage to fix that? I am getting those errors a lot.


If anything, it looks like the amount of these entries has increased. Last game session has generated a 100 MB log file in less than 2 hours.
Do you have sample rate on your sound output anything other than 44.1 kHz? Mine is set to 48k, I wonder if that might have something to do with this.

Mine is also set to 48k (24 bits). I’ll change to 44.1 (16 bits) and check what happens.

Nevertheless, My Diablo 3 is crashing all the time and I’ve tried all solutions I could find, including copy-pasting HoS’s fmodex64 dll file into the Diablo 3 folder (which means my game doesnt play any sounds at all).

any day now on s25 news would be nice


How do we claim our ethereal items and keep them?

You don’t get to keep ethereals.
At the end of the season, they’ll be automatically removed.

Ok it’s 100% my fault, I am ignorant. I didn’t read the patch notes. I am still not going to support blizzard again. Here is why:

1.) They are taking items I worked hard to earn away from me.
2.) I feel they are stealing my time and my effort and hard-earned items.
3) Just making these items disappear at the end of the season is completely asinine and not imaginative at all.

As someone who came into the season without all the aforementioned information. (again 100% my fault, I’m a troll.) I feel they are making a huge mistake. I promise you I will not be the only one who is upset over this. I am just one who discovered it before I log in and cant find any of my cool ethereal items. There is going to be outrage I promise you.

The issue is, they now have introduced ethereal weapons, and instead of just making them disappear, they should improve the game. You cant just introduce items to someones inventory, let them feel ownership of the item’ and then just take it away. However if they were creative there are options.

My first thought was a bag of holding. Well, maybe I can just look at it. Then I thought next wait, we have Nephalim rifts, Greater rifts, why not Ethereal Rifts. For those who played seasons, and have etherals, and/or unlocked the achievement “ethereal recollection”, you can enter Etheral Rifts solo or with your other buddies who also have ethereals. Then you make every 3rd season, be an etheral weapon season, that gives players who currently cant enter the etheral dungeons, a chance to play seaons and get those weapons. And new players will also have the opportunity when the rotation comes up. This would fix all their issues.

I mean if you introduce something like this and excite people, then just take it away. It’s going to be dangerous there is a potential to upset and lose a lot of players. I may have been ignorant of the current status of the ethereal weapons. But they did -NOT- make it easily known, ‘that you will lose the items,’ in a manner I would expect for such a move. I have been in the video game industry for 20 years, I have published, created, played, owned, and been involved with games most of my life, and this is just a stupid, f#$#'d up move.

Figure it out Blizzard. I had intended to create this post to make something positive out of it, maybe someone at Blizzard would hear my cry, for all of us who “WILL” be filling this way who are uninformed.

Don’t just introduce something, let someone work for it, earn it, use it, then take it away. You can ALL call me a troll, for feeling this way, that’s fine, I’ll the bi#$ch for all those who do and will feel the same as me on this, but don’t want to make noise. But, this is how I feel, and I will not support the company any longer if it happens.

Nearly every seasonal theme has had a mechanism that doesn’t translate to non-season. Things like ethereals and shards are simply taking the form of items.

Every single person playing seasons, which are now on their 25th iteration, should know that these mechanisms aren’t likely to transfer. For those brand new to seasonal play, let this be your lesson. However, the vast majority of posts griping about losing ethereals have been by multi seasonal players whom should be well aware by now that seasons have unique changes that rarely transfer to non-season.


its a seasonal theme it happens every season why are you even shocked