Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Now Live!

This is great news - I don’t think most people understand how much is on your plate as CM.

And if you guys could see your way into giving MVPs or trusted users a couple of moderation privileges on the forums, that might lighten the load for you. Just like on Le Reddit, community mods can shoulder the tremendous burden of keeping the threads from becoming toxic cesspools of redundant cross-posted nonsense lol.

I’m all for free speech but when you have 10,000 kids screaming in an elevator, it’s harder to have a positive community. Trusted community mods might do the trick since you guys have more important things to do. But I suppose you have some kind of Blizz corporate policy preventing that.


I hope not. But yeah, you are right, some do.

Can’t say I agree. Challenge is fun.

Dont get me wrong. I want Blizzard to obliterate the Rat meta.
And the most efficient way to do that is through nerfs.

Well, since GR120 and G150 is essentially the same thing, due to how GRifts work, it doesn’t really matter if you are stuck on GR120 or GR150
But at least, if players are stuck at GR120, there is the sense that you might be able to push higher.
When everyone are stuck at GR150 due to endless powercreep, there is no way forward.


Would be great if devs will take a look one more time at WD, because nerf second patch in a row is so painfull :frowning:
PS: also DH needs 5th piece to be actually viable in high GRs


Actually it was nerfed about 24 times (to ~4% of PTR damage), not just 10 times, because legacy Etched Sigil was fixed not to buff Firebird’s damage and all top clears on PTR used legacy Etched Sigil, which provided additional 150% damage increase.

  • 2-piece: 2.5x nerf
  • 4-piece: 2x nerf
  • 6-piece: 1.95x nerf
  • legacy Etched Sigil fix: 2.5x nerf

So it means 20 tiers nerf, not 15.

Blizzard please revert 4-piece and 6-piece bonuses and keep 2-piece bonus of 3000%. This will be reasonable nerf.


they would if they knew math

Thanks for listening to the community guys, keep up the good work!


Honestly they prob just need to revert the 6pc bonus. I agree that the set needed a nerf from ptr and at least the 2pc needed nerfed. I am ok with the 4pc nerf because it was still quite strong though I do not think it was a huge issue. To make the 6pc bonus worse than the live version from a straight dmg bonus is what is beyond foolish to me. Even if the set is better seeing any number be worse than current live is just disheartening.

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please fix this weak rathma set need more dmg reduction and more dmg output


Everyone also forgets that legacy Etched Sigil was fixed to not work with Firebirds, so it further lowers this set’s damage by 2.5x, which results in overall nerf by 24x (20 tiers).

Please revert 6-piece bonus from 2000% back to 4000% and 4-piece bonus from 50 to 100 stacks. With 2-piece lowered to 3000% and fixed legacy Etched Sigil overall nerf will be 6.25x (12 tiers), still big but much more reasonable.


Dont forget the WD he is not overperforming just take the nerf away


i think the one thing everyone would want to here is about why the nerf to WD , that is the biggest thing ever


What is Seasonal and Non-seasonal different?

Agreed, the 50 stack revert should remain not only from a power perspective but also a speed perspective to allow for less channeling for those other builds to shine.

This would put the set at -7-8 GR’s from last PTR update instead of -15


Only nerf the channeling build with image mirror. This build is too strong and less fun than blades build. Prevent using image mirror is a big nerf, and create a build not based on channeling abilities was your intention at start. TY


That’s interesting for wizards. Now, what about the 2+ weeks of feedback from DHs and WDs wondering why you ruined their one and only valid push builds?


While Firebird’s may warrant a tweak, please consider at the very least upping the GoD6 set bonus to at least 20,000% (pref. 30000% or 40000%). The paltry +1 pierce won’t do much to fix the problems encountered on PTR.

As it stands now, GR130s will be inaccessible to DH under paragon 3k without high skill and lucky GR fishing. Contrast this with Necro, whose Bone Spear builds can still do GR140+ at 3k paragon, even after losing the 4th cube slot (they were doing GR150 already in season 22).

For the sake of BALANCE please do something.


No, they also should revert 4-piece bonus to 100 stacks. You forgot that legacy Etched Sigil was fixed and will not buff Firebird’s damage. So it is another 2.5x nerf, reverting also 4-piece bonus would in part compensate this nerf.

As I wrote earlier with only 2-piece lowered to 3000% and fixed legacy Etched Sigil overall nerf will be 6.25x (12 tiers), so still slightly too big.


it’s been 6yrs since i played FB set, was my fav set back then and i really missed it.
all that was needed was to revert the 2pc back to 3000%. wudijo said it best in his week 2 ptr video.


last time i actually played a season serious was back when archon FB build was a thing. it was super fun to play.

anyways, agree: wudijo knows his stuff so listening to him would be a good idea.

Please do seriously. This build had amazing hype for S23 among many players and myself. Obviously FB needed a nerf but the nerf given was absolutely overboard and makes it obsolete now compared to twister. I don’t understand the point of buffing sets if they aren’t going to be viable for pushes.

I do however understand the faster mobility with teleport but I think other plays were hoping for an S tier build here.

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