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We wanted to share that we’re listening in on the feedback regarding the Firebird’s Finery set, and investigating opportunities to update some of the changes (nerfs) recently posted in the preview blog. We’re hoping to get this working soon and will update the thread and blog along with any developer notes we can share to keep you all in the loop. Appreciate the patience and we’ll have more to share soon.


Revert the Firebird 4p and 6p bonuses back as they were on the PTR. Only keep the 2p nerf from 7500% to 3000%. That was the only nerf needed.


woa, cool. thanks for the reply, dude. much appreciated! cheers!

I guess “crying” works. Sounds like firebird was still reasonably well off overall. While Rathma, and plenty of other sets + LoD builds were not.

Sure, firebird might have been nerfed a bit too much. But the only thing that is accomplished by un-nerfing it to the point where it becomes the new “best”, as many seem to want, is to repeat the ever-ongoing circle of buffing sets more and more so they too can be “best” for a little while. There is never any balance.


Until the next time when the crying starts all over again.

  • I would hate to be a CM in this community.

Can you look at the WDs? Thanks :grimacing:


While you’re at it, let’s make GoD6 25,000% because we know better.


Cool for us Wizards. Can you please address the nerfs to Witch Doctor? Spirit Barrage - Gazing Demise didn’t need a nerf at all. Witch Doctor was already performing lower than most other classes. Plus it’s the only set that was remotely competitive.

I’m guessing ya’ll were using the leaderboard clears from the Era leaderboards. Please understand that all these clears were from before the Witch Doctor received a nerf almost a year ago. The Era leadboards were never cleared after that nerf, and that damage was already reduced a lot.


Much appreciated, that said it would be great if you looked at DHs, and WDs as well.


Problem is, you run 2 weeks of PTR and encourage the community to take part into it, to test things, etc.

Then you close PTR “as is” and everyone is like “Good job everyone! We got some pretty good changes! See you in Live”.

…and then just 2 weeks before Live, You Doubled (Nerfed) It

Wtf is this? Even if you change some things back, you deserve all the bash in the world Blizzard, or is it Activision now?

Stupid will be the people who will come to PTR next time and “Help test things!”.


Pretty sure it is the same in all communities.
But yeah, I would pull a Tseric (WoW CM) on my first day. Ban, ban them all.

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Everyone seems to quickly forgot rathma and how it has been… I don’t have word to describe that abomination


Well, don’t mess up this bad then?

I mean … mostly, the CM is not at fault, but he should like really, put pressure on the Dev’s when he heard that things will get nerfed, because “…based on the community feedback I gathered, they will go mad! Don’t do this”.

If he did said this, which …I’m not sure, but if he did, then…good! That’s his job!


Not really expecting much here but if I don’t try it’ll bug me forever: any chance of additional details on the WD nerf? I expanded on it in a little more depth here but some clarification about why SB was hit when WD is already in a pretty rough spot would be ace.

Regardless, appreciate the update, thanks for keeping us in the loop :sparkles:


This :point_up_2: :clap: :clap: :clap: People are so ready to jump all over the CMs. They also need some love having to function between a rock and a hard place. I always felt sorry for Brandy.



And because you need 20 characters,

I’m giving you a hell yeah!

Most people that play Diablo 3 don’t play to feel like a wet noodle. Majority of people want to collect the sets and blaze the monsters. Instead of focusing on bringing classes down…they should be buffing everyone up. There’s a reason that people “cry” - it’s because being powerful is FUN. Honestly, I don’t play the game competitively, like most people…I return for the seasons to enjoy whatever changes they implement and play for fun. Even for competitive players, why is anyone satisfied with the same group meta (rats) running the same content season after season. Adding new powerful ways to play opens up so much opportunity for new group play and fun. You don’t need to be able to steam roll a GR 150, but it should be achievable with some effort for all classes once you’ve collected your optimized pieces of gear. Who wants to get hung up at greater rift 120 and feel like you can never progress?


Really encouraging. Thank you! Simply buff the 2000% to 4000% and we’re golden.


i real question should be does the dev’s that run’s D3 know how to do math ?


Thanks for the fast reply man,

just make only possible to aply the firebird set proc by aplying damage with the wizzard itself instead of pets, and then you can keep the same numbers from ptr. not even needed to nerf.