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Just make it so everyone can solo GR 150 in 2 minutes.

  • That might pacify some people for a week or two.
  • I told you CMs that you would need thick skin on this forum.

Only if its possible in the first 90 minutes of season start. Have to top the leaderboards.


I pity them. It’s not their fault the devs are messing up the game.

Nobody ask that ! And nobody even in Season 22 could do a 150 in 2mn ! I think you don’t read the posts. Why do you make a new set so strong in PTR and after nerfed too much ? Nerf it was normal, but now is completely useless compare to the other set.


I think you struck a nerve.  


Par for course for Blizzard. While some of the posts are hyperbolic in their vitriol, I’ve honestly never seen such a wildly successful game developer and publisher fail so completely at communicating with its player base. It long ago lapsed from frustrating to hilarious. Now it’s just rote.

Rich, no one expects you to answer for the developers, but quite a few players would be happy to hear some in-depth explanations as to why the nerfs were deemed necessary. Can you at least take these questions to the dev team and attempt to get some answers?

Geez, trying to generate even the smallest bit of discourse between players and CMs/devs is like pulling your own teeth with a claw hammer.


Funny , this has been the case for years yet there are still blind followers to Blizzard.
But you know everything dies out sooner or later.Guess its that era that being too rich or greedy makes you automatically unable to produce / maintain good games.

When they “fixed” (or ruined imo) etched sigil, they never even gave a reason as to why despite the amount of wizards asking for one. So honestly, if they do give any insight, beyond what was already given, I’ll be surprised as heck.

But yeah, having insight on their decisions would be great, since it gives the community an idea as to what the developers are aiming for and such.

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It’s gone from hilarious to entities that are…beyond that.

To be honest, I think things like the terrible communication we’re calling out are merely symptomatic of bigger bureaucratic complications and problems. That doesn’t excuse it, of course, and I am of the opinion the CMs should have leeway to engage in direct and open discourse with the community, but I’m not surprised a company of Acti-Blizz’s size is this bad at basic forum talky talk.

Agreed 100%.

Cosmic-level goofery.


they won’t say nothing like always

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Dude , Blizzard’s words are law , they don’t need to justify anything , ever.
Which if you think about it is correct if you own a product.But if they are virtual crap like majority of their released games / expansions past 2010.Yeah you gotta speak up.Not only speak up , but ask and follow the community to a degree.

BK received a $200m bonus all is good at the top.

  • I cannot even get a few good rings/amulets for my Monk.
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Bobby living good lol

I’m waiting for them to put everyone in their place with last minute nerfs to Bone Spear, Bombardment and Heaven’s Fury.

What will everyone do without a superior build to play? There’ll probably widespread D3 paralysis and anarchy in the quest to figure out what build is really the winner.

All build guides with an empty S-tier bracket.

The best D3 ever — go figure it out, you got 3 months.

And then… the glorious item revamp in 2.7.1, justified by real clean data.

Do it do it… i’ll sacrifice all my primals.


Add a Bobby set. No class requirements.

2p: When you spend resources after entering a zone, all mobs in the zone are fired. This counts toward progression.
4p: 80% chance to dodge all dmg and/or criticism
6p: Gain 200 million XP whenever you fire all mobs in a GRift. Deal 1% dmg against Rift Guardians for each XP gained.

Developer note: The fired monsters do not get a $200 gift card.


i been playing WW barb from day 1 this game came out and was so happy when Free and Rage got him buffed :slight_smile: thank you , but if they ever nerf WW i think that will be my time to move on to another arpg and wait for d4


Ill pay for that DLC.
We can make it even bigger.

This sounds amazing. :grin:

Over shooting is now devs favorite. Necro RS passive got 60s CD when 10s could have been more than enough.