Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Now Live!

It went roughly 15 GRs down. The damage output is ~10.24% of what it was on the PTR.

It’ll be miracle if it’s even mediocre.


I really hope Blizzard hears the community about this insane Wizard Nerf. The Firebird set has a lot of potential and overall, yes it needed a nerf from the PTR. We all knew that, but they over shot again. 15 tiers completely ruins it’s potential and all the variant builds for the Firebird’s. I think this can be easily fixed with a buff to either the 2-Piece or increasing the number of stacks on the 4-piece.


Thanks for announcing the new season! :innocent: :innocent:

Note: I was hoping to play Firebird Wizard but I hope it hasnt been nerfed too much :thinking:

what was the point into reworking firebird set , when you just make it crap again ? GoD , WD and now this lol man you guys are off to a great start this year


Why punish players with another season of rats? Revise the firebirds nerf so that starting the new season as something other than Barb/Necro is viable. So many players from all levels of skill and dedication were excited to bring wizard back into the meta and shake up the xp meta. Please, you still have time to revise the nerf.


And they didn’t adjust the stack decrease time, so your damage and teleport now decreases twice as fast as before.

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They killed the one skill that I really wanted to use with Lyndon.

I would have been happy with 5-7.

  • The Scoundrel launches a cloud that covers a 20-yard area and lasts 5 to10 2 to 4 seconds based on the Scoundrel’s Dexterity. All attacks against enemies that are inside the cloud will be critical hits.
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Interesting changes, now followers will be overall more desirable between them. I would like LoD/LoN on followers but baby steps, the changes will improve some builds than others and often bring some builds more closer to each other(good thing).

About rathma, it’s tricky but I think could work. Not sure anymore about the bone spirit potential, so only testing to know how it lands.
The land of the dead invigoration change don’t know what means, maybe the health cost? Because the essence cost during the land with invigoration was already 0.

About firebird, well even if the nerf was severe will be stronger than before(pre-rework). Also if the mirror image mechannic works the build still be fine. Most likely A tier.

About dh, the increase on pierce could help on push, but on speed the impact will also increase, at least below 5. I hope they avoid too many pierces to not get the same issue again or generate even more performance issues.

I would also to see fix on black hole from wiz, often leaves mobs with 1 hp(needing a necro or executioner to kill them).

I hope everybody have a good season.

Great, perhaps you could also address the end of S22 for the same reason…

The top post has the worst Blizzard artwork I’ve ever seen.

can you hire better developers
need developers who play and know this game


At least two good news, GOD DH got one more pierce, and season 23 starts one week earlier :slight_smile:

Edit: and I love the new pet!

  • Fixed an issue with the legacy version of Etched Sigil buffing unintended effects.

what is that supposed to mean?

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i’m really disappointed about wizard changes. Its a diablo, we like changes in balance (meta) even if they are unbalanced. We have great community which are spending our free time at making this game better, they make videos and give you really good suggestions to make this game more playable (change routines for example). firebird as a new meta was this oppurtunity to changes something, making some fresh to old stuff, but with this nerf this is not possible. So dear devs pls consider about this, we want only fb as possibly new meta at this season. Kind regards Matixs


Propably means its damage buff has been disabled.

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Way to absolutely destroy the FB build… everyone expected a bit of a nerf, but completely freaking gutted now… that and no seasonal theme = no point in playing season beyond the seasonal journey… well done… smh


I was so happy to play the new season, now not anymore. I will probably not play. You destroy everything. Very sad…


and the entire passive has been destroyed too:

  • Rathma’s Shield passive skill now has a 60-second cooldown

good for you if your land of the dead cooldown is less than 60 seconds, but you still have to wait 60 seconds. ridiculous

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Did I read the blog right? Completion of the Journey will only require completion of 2 Conquests and not 3?

If so, thank you! I know the 2 I can do.

It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. The third is for Guardian.

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