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There were a lot of posts on spirit barrage wd and despite everything the nerf is still so big. Already the first nerf when the bonus was collected from the spirits from the spirit barrage completely changed the skill and broke it! Before, it was beautifully flowing without snags and lags. He is now with little damage and is still cutting. They give another nerf and they didn’t even compensate as with the deamon hunter. Dh gave at least an increase to 15,000 and spread 4 mobs. WD let them die. :frowning:

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Yeah I truly hope you both, DH’s and wd’s , get some improvment.


Legacy of Dreams:
While you have no set bonuses equipped, every Legendary item you have equipped increases your damage dealt by 3.75% and reduces your damage taken by 2%. (Max level 99)
Upgrade: +3.75% additional damage dealt per Rank.
This bonus is doubled for Ancient Items.”

Set items absolutely do work with LoD and LoN as they are also considered legendary items. If you have more than 1 piece of the same set equipped, that’s when it won’t work.

Now you know.

Because of this, and the fact that nobody uses a sacrifice WD because it’s nerfed into the ground, the new Blackthorn’s will absolutely replace swampland waders.


I hope you reconsider the bad concept of “balancing” FB around the silly Deathwish-Mirror-Image build.
Just take Deathwish out by removing Mirror Image procs and you can safely revert the 4pcs and 6pcs nerfs. This will restore the FB build diversity we had until Mirror image came up and eliminated all else.


Yes, absolutely !
I recall their intentions at the start :
*Developer’s Note Update: The original intent of this set redesign was not to use channeling abilities as the main source of damage so we adjusted the 2-piece and 6-piece bonuses.

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Hey everyone! Thanks for your patience and posts since the last mention of the update coming to Firebird’s Finery. I wanted to share that we’re looking to have this shared with you very soon and maybe as early as Friday (PDT).

My next post-update will include: Firebird’s Finery Adjustment specifics (adjusted in the blog) along with dev notes to share additional insight.


Hopefully this insight includes the developer’s reasoning and/or thought process behind the DH and WD changes. That said, thanks for the update.


Thanks for keeping up with the communication. I know we got a bit mad, but it’s all for love for this game. :slight_smile:


What about rathma getting some extra damage . Its c tier listed right now :cry:


thanks for the update bud


I can hardly wait! Thanks for making a fix!


many thanks for the update.

Can we please get some kind of season event too? even if its an old one just so multiplayer dosent end up feeling like nonseason diablo


Rathma Bone Spirit is F tier i can push gr120 with my 9k para right now (I was rank 1 on ptr ) or i can go GOD DH and faceroll it in 2-2:30 min with 1 hand.
Rathma AOTD is max D tir.

Set has no survivability, just like LOD mages… Forsed me to use really cool interaction between Land of the Dead rune Invigoration with the Captains Set to play this. But it seems they dont like necromancers to use anything else than Frozen Lands rune…

INSTANT NERFED, but LOD Mages working that fast only becouse BUGGED ARMOR ( Requiem Cereplate) interaction with Devour - Devouring Aura rune is fine. Picking up one corpse restores more than 600 essences working as intended… ( Reaper’s Wraps Bracers died for this )

Why dont u remove this item from the game and make DH shine 1 season??

There is no synergy between the Army of the Dead and Krysbins ring. Its like playing LOD mages without support Necro Frozen land and u have same toughness geting 1 shot gr125~. Army of the Dead - Death Valley looks cool but puts hard cc on mobs, after few casts they are completely resistant for freezing/stunming. Vacuum effect doest proc krysbins.

IDK make AOTD always proc krysbins on the duration??

To fixed toughness we need Rathma Shield passive unnerf with 4 sec cooldown like Serenity monk. 4 sec on 4 sec down.

Thats can help a little AOTD build but Bone spirit is gone for ever and there is no hope. It was already weak in the second phase of PTR , but now, after removing the 400% multiplier, it simply does not exist.

After redesign of support pants also has strong anti synergy with krysbins ring and cannot be spammed for one target more than 6-8 times. 5 sec freezing is too long it should be the maximum 0.5 sec only to proc Krysbins.

But who cares, skill is already dead. I am salty after this PTR.


great feedback

still, any cooldown on rathma’s shield destroys my favorite corpse explosion build :frowning:

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That’s awesome thanks.

Any info on the Witch Doctor?

It seems like everyone from Blizzard is ignoring the nerf, mistakenly thinking everything is fine and that’s absolutely not the case. The Witch Doctor right now is in the worst spot it’s ever been and totally un competitive on every build now.

Reverting the nerf isn’t a great solution, but it at least allows for some extension until the Dev team can start looking into actually fixing the class and bringing many builds up to even minimal standards (for real this time, not like what they did with zombie bears).

Thanks for the update. This is what we like to see more of. :wink:


Btw, any S23 seasonal theme and anymore ban wave for S22?

Where’s the content and control?


That’s great!

Now revert the WD nerf which was completely, 100% unwarranted.


Posted this topic on the general discussion but just in case it didn’t catch your attention, I’m making a reply to you hoping you could pass this on.

As of now, we are basically repeating what has happened to the original rathma set, which is be outperformed by LoD/LoN.

Current Rathma set
*Boosts damage of bone spirit and AoTD by maximum of 9000%

LoD/LoN version
*Boosts all damage of skills by maximum of 9750%. Revive, skeletal mage, command golem and command skeletons, AoTD and Bone Spirit (including or excluding whichever skills you want to use)

Able to have additional legendary bonuses such as moribund gauntlet for bone spirit timer reset, golemskin breeches for extra defense along with Aquila cuirass and razeth volition so on and so forth. Ehh, you get the idea.

The only thing rathma has on it’s side over LoD/LoN would be the cooldown reduction by minions for AoTD but I’m sure LoD/LoN has their way of reducing cooldown through ring of zodiac.

As suggested before, rathma set should focus on increasing damage for AoTD and it’s minions. To give rathma it’s uniqueness, the set should grant permanent duration to all minions. Something that can’t be done by LoD/LoN.


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Honestly just let this iteration of Rathma die. Let the leaderboards be vacant to show the devs the current level of disinterest or dissatisfaction.

I think this is a good use of the leaderboards. Hopefully Raekor will get changed when they see 3 people trying to play it.