Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Has Ended

im not sure why blizzard staff says “Now live” and i can not create a seasonal hero yet. its unreal how bad this company is.

Read it again.

It DOES NOT say “Season 23 NOW LIVE!”

It DOES say “Patch 2.7.0 NOW LIVE!”

(However, Season 23  is  Live…   on the Asia Region).

Haven’t tried the new patch yet but I’m curious if there is a UI element that shows the items which have the Emanate ability or is it up to the player to remember that on their own?

If an item has the ability to emanate, it will say (Emanates) in the item’s tooltip. You can’t miss it. It’s to the right of its Legendary Power or Set Bonus and it’s cyan in color.

Currently, there’s not that much to remember:

  1. Broken Crown
  2. Homing Pads
  3. Spaulders of Zakara
  4. Goldskin
  5. Custerian Wristguards
  6. Nemesis Bracers
  7. Gladiator Gauntlets
  8. Gloves of Worship
  9. Dovu Energy Trap
  10. Rakoff’s Glass of Life
  11. Avarice Band
  12. Krede’s Flame
  13. The Flavor of Time
  14. Sage’s Journey (3-piece set bonus)
  15. Cain’s Destiny (3-piece set bonus)

I got the pet and icon frame during the initial season. What happens when I re-earn them this season? Nothing happens? I have to progress farther to get a reward I don’t have? That doesn’t seem fair. There should be something to replace the emerald dragon for those who already have it.

Season 23 is now live!


For the first time I skipped Necro to go directly on Wizard.

One big success of FireBird is this Set now empowers you as soon as you get the 2-pieces, which is really great for player experience. I think this kind of consideration should be kept when balancing other sets for the future.

lmao so the theme of the season is to play by urself and not ur friends
cause u cant have followers in multiplayer

Season of actiblizzion with no accountability or responsibility towards diablo 3.
Devs implimented more bugs and exploits and just allowed botting to be even more powerful, that’s all that happened.
We got some new items and buffs, then unbuffs then total removals and a massive waste of time.
Where is the care, the responses, the active participation towards a franchise of a 3 decade powerful game?
You’re about to sell chinamortal to us on phones and Wowablo4.
Why give 0 effort to d3 while we are all still playing it!? And expect us to want to buy the next one?
POE, torchlight, godsake even wolcen is putting more effort into fixing things.
You have alast epoch and other rpgs coming out around you.


NOOOOOOOOO. No one will ever like that stop promoteing your nonsensical ideas. Back to the abbys you money leeching fiend!

There are plenty of new players, old players coming back and botters/banned players buying new accounts.
That’s how it works, either bulk buying a game or a subscription or donations.
Doesn’t explain why when the companies share price goes up 32% and lays off 150 staff…
To put some perspective on how influential the diablo franchise is.
In 2018, after the blizzcon release to the public that after all the years of waiting we get a derpy presentation of diablo being made into a mobile game!? That meme of history.
Actiblizzion shares went from $70 to $51 in less than 2 days after blizzcon.
Food for thought

So followers are still trash since if you play a str, you will only get str. And can only re-roll str. So you are stuck with the templar.
Great. That sounds just wonderful. Now they will be just minorly useless. Still the worst idea that has ever come out from Blizz, but just minorly useless.
100% Still just as annoying though!

Let’s hope in a future patch they come up whit a solution for that problem.

since there’s no theme, and no difference between season and non-season (aside from starting over)… how about throwing up some unique emanate items for season only next patch (ie: CoE, squirts, focus/retraint, etc…)… give me some incentive to play season vs non-season… :slight_smile:

The theme this season is FB lag, the only game in history that gets worse with every patch

Today we addressed an issue related to the Razor Strop item. After some investigation, it appears that the item was causing server issues and a fix has been applied to help prevent players from disconnecting from games.


Why isn’t any of this thought about before implementing a build?
We still have about 9 major things that require fixing, been aware of them for like 4 seasons now?

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My remarks regarding S23:

  • Firebird Wizard. It is a strong, new and funny build :+1:
  • Followers emanate. Interesting when going solo :+1:
  • No seasonal buff :-1:
  • The FMOD sound bug/freeze lag not solved :-1:

So just followers and nerfs, which is across seasonal and regular. Sweet. Super excited to stay away from this season. This kind of thing without an actual seasonal theme gets me closer to removing the game from my pc.

Is there a timeline on when we will get an update to fix the current lag/freezing/crashing issues players are experiencing due to the Mirror images sound while playing the firebirds set? It is insane, I can play my WW barb fine, but once I swap to wizard, I have to turn my sound channels to 16, and deal with almost constant stuttering or crashing even though my FPS is well above 100. I see it often referred to as the FMOD sound bug, but come on guys… I7, 10700k with NVME SSD and 3080, and I can’t play diablo 3 because of client issues that Blizzard hasn’t issued statements on or addressed…