Season 23 builds?

I have read about 6 different builds here.

Three builds with Heavens Fury:

  1. AoV, CC, Ivory Tower
  2. AoV, CC,
  3. AoV, CC, NF (without Shield of Fury)

Three builds with Bombs:
4. A6I2, CC, NF
5. LoN/LoD
6. H-Bomb

Could anyone tell me about the push potential of these builds in Season 23 (2-3k paragon)?

Most can get to ~135-140 at 2500-3k paragon. You will probably find yourself starved on defense though. I think the safest choices are:

  • AoV6 HF w/ Ivory Tower (geared with lots of physical resistance + esoteric)
  • A6I2 Bombs (Geared with Justice Lantern and Unity)
  • LoD Bombardment (Geared with Justice Lantern and Unity)

H-Bomb, LoN Bomb and even AoV6 HF Fires of Heaven can be quite fragile.

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Is this guide OK for Season 23? (with Lantern instead of CoE)

Is this guide OK for Season 23?

Where can I find a guide for this build?
I believe Blessed ground is used?

Here is AoV6 w/ Ivory Tower, I just modified someone’s old build:

Block Chance is damage, don’t skimp out on that, CDR or Physical Resist, aim for 2k Physical Resistance.

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How often should I use Judgment? For example, against a RG…

Non-stop, coordinate it with Provoke:Hit Me. There is no CoE Cycle to go around.

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Lazy shot gun is good. Free nemesis and flavor of time is huge. Its on par with bonespear without the 4th cube.