Season 22 - Shades of the Nephalem | Now Live!

wait, what? Seriously? I hadn’t followed the PTR at all, since I’m on console and can’t participate, but if this is the case, that’s a total JOKE. I play HC, so that’s gonna be a real bummer…I guess, another reason why not to play s22.

mine has the seasonal leaf next to it at the main character selection screen, and when selected it, shows “seasonal”, but says season ended. There is nothing in the mailbox for seasonal cache with a NS character.

I’m not holding my breath that we’ll be able to start where we left off either - my guess is that there’s a weird bug where the character is in limbo - not fully rolled to NS status, but unplayable as seasonal come tomorrow.

The Clones can’t kill you directly, reflect damage does hence your DH will avoid the spinners from shrines when you have Nems equipped…the spinners can reflect the Clones attacks too hence increased risk of reflect damage from clones.

If your toon still says Seasonal I’m pretty confident you will be able to resume playing it once S22 launches.

Yes, I realise the clones can’t kill me directly. But, they are stupid, and will attack sand dwellers and dervishes etc. The reflection is random, so if my character is anywhere near the bad mobs, RIP HC character. And since you can’t control what the clones do…and what they attack…

Pretty much avoid all pylons/shrines in s22 seems to be the way to go then in s22…which makes the season totally CRAP imho.

Good thinking Blizzard - NOT. Do they even test this seasonal crap before deploying? Nope…

I suspect my character will be in limbo - not a full NS character, but unplayable as seasonal. I guess time will tell and prove me right or wrong.


I definitely won’t be going anywhere near Nemesis this time around; those Dune Dervishes are powerful enough already without adding AI-controlled attacks against them. Let me guess…they’ll wait for the spinning to start before firing, too, right? Kind of reminds me of DII hirelings immediately going after the worst elites on the map.

To be fair, my interest in this season has nothing to do with the clones. I want to see what that fourth slot will do for me. They could remove the clone thing altogether and I’d still be interested.

What time will S22 start on Nintendo Switch?

My assumption is that this date and time is the same for all platforms.

Season 22 Shades of the Nephalem is officially live!


really? should I log out once? yeah why not…

No, it is not. Servers are down again.

Season 22 servers NOW DOWN!

The irony of “Season Now Live” :man_facepalming:

got 34200 when I tried to log-off, hoping my record (even it’s not much) will remain…

good job blizzard! server down

Code 34200, d3 game servers not available…

Well played, Blizzard, well played.

Oh btw, clones still don’t follow to next rift level…
Great job…

317002 Code here, fix your server now!

Very good blizzard, I never expect anything from you and you always end up disappointing me

I’m going to be honest, I don’t really care.

Seeing how Blizz abandons their games these days, it’s kind of turning me off of getting D4 as well.

I just really dislike how the clones dont follow u to the next map. I’m assuming there was a code implemented where players cant bring clones from outside into a GR, and that same code prevents clones following you into next map. It’s really lame. Honestly feel like the D3 team doesnt even care about this game anymore. Please fire and/or hire more motivated D3 developers that has better passion to improve the game for all to enjoy, thank you.

I feel that they don’t allow clones to follow you to the next map because they were paranoid about how players abusing their previous seasonal themes that persist over the next zone over and over in the past :rofl: