Season 22 | Shades of the Nephalem | Has Ended

Winning post of the day. “CAN I HAVE IT BACK”
“Why yes, just come with me.”

They always waited around 10 days between seasons… The 20th is fine. Get over it. You’ll have 4 MONTHS to play Season 22. It doesn’t have to be right away…

They do. Or rather CMs gather the infor and present them to the devs. But I know for a fact devs read the forums as well. Once again you are part of a group that confuses listens with implements what I want. And if that doesn’t happen it means they don’t listen.

The point is the launch day of Season 22 is so close to the launch day of Shadowland. And I don’t know about you but most people are more excited to play in the beginning of a new season instead of in the middle of it (like enjoying a brand new TV is much better than watching an old one), so they can’t have the satisfaction of both the D2 new season and WoW: Shadowland.

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Will you reset the non-season leaderboard? It has been never updated albeit several balance changes. Please update it to a new era.

Patch 2.6.10 is now LIVE!

Nintendo Switch Note: Patch deployment is currently delayed and should be up soon. I’ll update the thread once it’s up. Thanks for your understanding!


You might want to rephrase that - it makes it sound like Season 22 is live and not just the new patch.

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You’re absolutely right - Changed :slight_smile: thanks GronnieToo!

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Will there be an era reset?

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There will not be an era reset for this patch. We do have one planned for the future and I’ll confirm as we get close to reset timing.


any idea how long the patch is delayed for or no ETA for switch

Why? The non-season leaderboards will now be cross-populated with 2.6.10 builds, i.e. increased set damage, newly powered legendaries, and so on.


So you think its okay all group 2-3-4p + crus/wd NS leaderboards have now only 2.6.8 patch results? And it will remains the same till reset.
Have you ever looked at them at all?


your surprise surprises me. With the patch notes this season, the seasonal theme bug from last season (and it’s infamous “working as intended” response), and the general reception of feedback and communication from D3’s developers, I really cannot believe this would surprise us (very jaded) veterans.

Twisted Sword went live bugged doing half damage, despite several notifications and my tweeting it as a bug for extra emphasis.


Could you tell me why?

How will you get the data to balance something if players cannot compare before/after updates in many builds.

For example, there has been two nerfs in Crus HF build (SoF 20->10, Ivory Tower nerf) but the non-season leaderboard only shows the record of the players before it get nerfed because you didn’t reset leaderboard. Mundunugu is the same situation.

And I don’t understand why is it technically so difficult for you to reset the non-seasonal leaderboard right after the update.


can u tell use what the issue that holding the switch release is it been almost an hour since other platforms got the patch

I completely agree with you… I am worried whether Blizzard further nerf something based on the pre-nerfed record of a build. I am worried whether Blizzard will forget what they did (changes or nerfs), provide some ridiculous balancing in the future, and make the situation worse and worse…

Just reset the current leaderboard to 2020-2…

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Truth is, there is no one left working there that remembers how to do it, and it’s going to take them a while to find and read the procedure manual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


bruh these time frames make me question your devotion to sparkle motion.

Nintendo Switch Update: Patch 2.6.10 will not be available for today. I’m working on gathering eta’s on when we can expect the patch to roll out. Apologies for the delay folks.