Season 22 | Shades of the Nephalem | Has Ended


Season 22 ends on Sunday, 28th March.
Non-emergency patches are applied to live servers on Tuesdays (Pacific time).
First Tuesday after Season 22 ends is Tuesday, 30th March.
Blizzard leave at least a week between patching and the next season starting.
Seasons start on a Friday and the first Friday that’s more than a week after 30th March is Friday, 9th April.

Hopefully this also means we should see final patch notes for 2.7.0 / S23 next week.

About time, the the last two seasons have gone on longer than normal. Any one know why?

Can you please inform when the new season starts? This makes it easier to plan.

Dunno. But it becomes quite boring these long seasons.

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You need to keep the fourth cube spot.


Season 22 has ended. We would all like to thank you for playing and slaying with us! We look forward to catching you next season :slight_smile:


Always fun to level chars, farm builds and try for the leader boards.

Time to update the seasonal journey to include the new higher torments.

Some kind of pound for pound weighing filter for the leader boards perhaps too.

Now to start a new season :joy:.
Rather play non season to continue on since s23 has nothing in it but… Nothing

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Here’s some :wine_glass: with your :sob:

How else are they going to sell a new pair of games? Blizzard is a business, not an entertainment charity and of course it’s a no brainer to gimp an older product in order to make buying eyes wander.

yes show us how you look after your players and games so for future purchases we can save our money on MTXvision crud and buy something actually maintained

I think I ended around rank 200 Barb, even after not playing for over 3 months. That’s with last season having one of the best seasonal bonuses. I can’t imagine how dead season 23 is going to be.

What we need is to stop having a week between season end and beginning. I can’t really fathom the reason for this tbh. Does it actually take a week to implement the patch? If it does, well that sucks and that’s how it is, but I don’t see how. Should end and start on the same day.

Testing of the final client release doesn’t happen instantly. Even three days is too little to properly test before a new season starts. Season breaks are a minimum of a week on average to allow Blizzard to discover any remaining bugs if possible. It’s the same with PoE as well. There are gaps between leagues there for precisely the same reason.

Greetings, I participated in season 22 using both a barbarian and a demon hunter. I received all of my acquired loot in my mailbox yesterday but have not received any of my seasonal rewards. Is this normal or should I be worried?

I play on PS4/PS5 console.

I’m new to this season stuff so forgive me if this was a dumb question. Thank you for your time.

Which rewards are you referring to?

All Season rewards are immediately given as you earn them. If you complete the entire Season Journey, through the Guardian Chapter, within a month, you will have already received all of the rewards for the Season.

The only things you receive when the Season ends are any items that are in your Season Stash. And, as you said, these are mailed to you.

(At least, that’s how it is on PC).

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I was referring to the sets of “green” armor/weapons I did not get any of the pieces for the barbarian or the other seasonal characters I used.

If you’re talking about the free Set you get for completing Season Chapters 1 through 4, you only get 1 free Set per Region.

And, as I said above:

  • You get NO rewards for completing Chapter 1.
  • You receive your first Haedrig’s Gift (2 Set pieces) when you’ve completed Chapter 2.
  • You receive your second Haedrig’s Gift when you’ve completed Chapter 3.
  • You receive your final Haedrig’s Gift when you’ve completed Chapter 4.

These Gifts are sent to you through your in-game mail. You have 30 days to claim them. If you waited until the end of the Season to claim them they’re gone.

Sorry for your loss.

If you play Season 23, make sure you collect your “mail” at the end of Chapters 2, 3 and 4.

(I play on PC. I’m not really sure how it works on console. Maybe you should ask about this in the Console Discussion Forum).
Good luck and good hunting!  


Glad you are posing in a season that is no longer running and is obsolete… Thanks. :thinking: