Season 22 | Shades of the Nephalem | Has Ended

Very good blizzard, I never expect anything from you and you always end up disappointing me

I’m going to be honest, I don’t really care.

Seeing how Blizz abandons their games these days, it’s kind of turning me off of getting D4 as well.

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I just really dislike how the clones dont follow u to the next map. I’m assuming there was a code implemented where players cant bring clones from outside into a GR, and that same code prevents clones following you into next map. It’s really lame. Honestly feel like the D3 team doesnt even care about this game anymore. Please fire and/or hire more motivated D3 developers that has better passion to improve the game for all to enjoy, thank you.

I feel that they don’t allow clones to follow you to the next map because they were paranoid about how players abusing their previous seasonal themes that persist over the next zone over and over in the past :rofl:

My only issue is the shadow that spawns doesn’t go thru portals. So a pilon at the end of a dungeon is worthless.

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We wanted to share that we are aware of the crashes reported by players since the launch of Season 22. We’ve been working on a patch to address these issues and we are aiming to deploy the patch this week.

I’ll keep you posted as I hear back from the team.


Is this fix for the fmod issue, the crashing to desktop issue, or both?


Hey folks - heard back from the team and looks like the patch for the crash fix is going to be launching next week. We appreciate everyone’s patience through this.


This is terrible news. My Wizard is keep dying to freezing until next week? Sigh.

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Hi Rich. Thanks for the update that at least we know what to expect when.
Let’s hope for an early christmas miracle then next week :grinning:

That’s great news!
I’ve been crashing 20+ times a day since this season started!

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It’d be nice to know if we have an ETA on what day next week or if the date given was just wrong? Perhaps an issue with the patch was found? Just simply saying for an issue that started at season launch a delayed fix is a tad frustrating for those trying to actually play the season. Perhaps an extension on the ‘end’ of the season? Seriously though I miss the days where Metzen was on the team. Makes you wonder why they’d release the season DAYS before the Shadowlands launch for WoW scratches head.

EU just patched to and server’s being re-started.

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US servers are patching right now, looks like they rushed it thru


Here’s hoping for no more crashes! fingers crossed

To follow-up on the posts shared, the patch to address recent crashes has been applied. We’re going to continue to monitor issues related to crashes posted on our Bug Report section.

Big thanks to everyone who has been patient and sharing details on their recent experiences since the start of the season - the team wants to share their HUGE appreciation for all of you!


Thanks for letting us know.

well, the constant freezing, constant lag-outs…i think double bounty should be the least you should do as a thank you for the players that are loyal to this game. It is so incredibly discouraging to be the only set of players suffering old servers and constant game freezing/dc’ing


I still experienced 10s freezing when I am running GR99.

Last night’s patch was to address the crash to desktop issues introduced by 2.6.10 patch. They haven’t even replied to the thread about 5-10 second freezes since July.