Season 22 | Shades of the Nephalem | Has Ended

Apparently they accidentally started the season, but have turned it off again…

Console players that did their Challenge Rift to get the cache for this will be left cacheless for when the season starts properly on Friday. We’d joked about S22 maybe starting late because they couldn’t end S21 on time, but I doubt anyone foresaw them starting a season early.


Maybe. If they’re smart the data was preserved and people will be able to start right where they left off, or were kicked out.

If they were smart? Who am I kidding. :rofl:

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If they’re reasonable, they should reset the CR for the console players.


Huh. Didn’t notice that. For some reason I thought they’d already announced the start times too (like they usually do), but I guess not. I just assumed based on past seasons. That’s weird.

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I don’t play on console, so I’m not sure how different it is from PC. But,

  • From the reports I’ve read: Console players are creating a Season 22 Character and completing the Challenge Rift. But, when they try to switch back to their Seasonal Character, they find their Seasonal Character is converted to non-Season.

  • They also report they cannot collect the Challenge Cache, which is what I don’t understand.

  • On PC the Challenge Cache can be collected by any Character you have: Season, non-Season, Normal or Hardcore. However, that Character must exist before you start the Challenge Rift. (That’s why players are reminded not to run the current week’s Challenge Rift until after the Season starts and you’ve created or rebirthed a Seasonal Character).

If the Challenge Rift data was saved, those console players should be able to collect the Challenge Cache on a non-Season Character. But, not on a Seasonal Character.

Best case scenario: The Challenge Rift data was not saved and those players can run the Challenge Rift again.

Updated the blog and forum post to include Season 22 launch start times!


CR data is saved on their leaderboards, which are online…if you did the CR then your PSN/Live/Nintendo account will be on the LB’s and there is no way to redo it to get a CR reward.

The local saves of console has no bearing on CR Leaderboard entries. It is your initial post on the LB that triggers the cache reward.

Shouldn’t they be able to collect the Challenge Cache on a non-Season Character though? (That’s how it works on PC. I’ve done it before).


Yes but clearly something has gone wrong but they have an entry on the CR Leaderboard thus can’t get the reward again.

A patch was rolled out today to address 2.6.10 the crash issues mentioned in our Bug Section here. The patch has been applied to PC/Mac and currently in process for consoles. I’ll chime in again regarding any console dates/times as I get updates from the dev team. Thanks for your patience and understanding!!


FilthieRich, can you say if bug with Wicked Wind twisters rune overwriting Raging Storm damage will be fixed?

Soooo… no Shenlong bug fix ? Are you going to fix it before season ?

Sooooo what’s the point of the 4th cube slot if it doesn’t stack with any of the other slots. Do they mean you can’t stack two of the same item or…?


You can’t stack two CoE’s and get 400%

But you can use a CoE and a Zodiac ring for example, and still get the benefit of both.

Ok cool thank you very much


@FilthieRich: is there any way console players can get some support regarding the early Season 22 start that occurred yesterday?


They cant even post in Console section!

According to ppl who played early their toons still say Seasonal but just cant continue them thus we suspect you will by Friday when S22 launches meaning those that did play early will get to continue their toons and have an advantage.

Some folks did 600 paragon plus before it was shut off so wont be a big deal by the looks of it.

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I think I saw ONE account of that, but the vast majority of people’s Season 22 Toons have been converted to Non-Seasonal. Items in stash are in the mailbox and everything.

wait, what? Seriously? I hadn’t followed the PTR at all, since I’m on console and can’t participate, but if this is the case, that’s a total JOKE. I play HC, so that’s gonna be a real bummer…I guess, another reason why not to play s22.

mine has the seasonal leaf next to it at the main character selection screen, and when selected it, shows “seasonal”, but says season ended. There is nothing in the mailbox for seasonal cache with a NS character.

I’m not holding my breath that we’ll be able to start where we left off either - my guess is that there’s a weird bug where the character is in limbo - not fully rolled to NS status, but unplayable as seasonal come tomorrow.