Season 22 Servers down

Error 34200. I can’t make a game. Tons of errors.

It’s up again for me

Fixed for me as well

I’m gettin’ codes all over the place. Is it PTR again?

Same bulpoop! blizzard…

Hey all, thank you for the reports and your patience.

We’re investigating on our end promptly.

To report any issues, please post in the Bug Report forums.


And the seasonal servers hamster died. Code 34200 errors and 317002. Yet the standard characters work fine…


Unable to make games at all


Yep I reached level 48 already and keep getting can’t retrieve season journey but yet challenge rift works

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Same here. (20 Chars)

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Same here, can play non season, not at all on season

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Can we ever start on time?

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I’m doing a scan and repair probably wont’ do anything but meh…trying anything.
Yep…did nothing!

Can do a campaign with seasonal, just not bounties or adventure mode. Same codes.

They always dong it up.

EU servers started without a hitch.

Same here - error 317002. FFS!

Ditto here… I am saddened.


This game is how old now and they can’t keep the servers stable??

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Every single season or expansion there are issues. They need a new hiring process.