Season 21 - Trials of Tempests is NOW LIVE!

good job breaking the beginning of the season!

When will you be adding an offline mode and mod support to Diablo 3 since it’s a legacy product with a skeleton crew to make sure the servers stay on.

Buff is not on for xbox :frowning:

Buf is not on for Nintendo Switch too :cry:

When is the console going to get the buff

This has been addressed (See Console Bug Report forum)

Too much flashing for the buff! Gave me a headache and I can’t see the screen! Almost gave me a seizure and that’s not hyperbole. I had to stop. My head is still spinning.


Is anyone else experiencing high latency?

Please reduce/remove the annoying sfx and weather/lighting effects. The visual clutter in particular is absurd and not fun, especially when the screen goes practically pitch black. I thought the seasonal themes were supposed to be helpful… :frowning:


Please, begging you here, please disable the Season theme or replace it with something else.

  1. It’s incredibly annoying to hear the loud foghorn every 90 seconds. (Audio trigger for some people as well)
  2. The VFX add massive clutter, make it difficult to see, and add confusion around wether an effect is from an enemy or the proc. (Especially dangerous for hardcore)
  3. Last but not least, IT BREAKS GR’s. The stacking buff mechanic can be exploited to deal absolutely massive amounts of damage. Enough to take out Rift Guardians on its own.

Really love that the devs are experimenting with new ideas, but this one desperately needs more time in the oven.


Season 21 -Trials of the tempest NOW LIVE!

In case you missed it don’t worry the seasonal elemental effects will let you know. By burning your eyes through the back of your skull. But fret not in case you still missed it you’ll know when your ears start bleeding.


And this is why you’re supposed to test the changed theme on PTR rather than just pushing it to live without testing…

The theme weather effects can still kill guardians, because it’s possible to get the kill stacks (that affect the strength of the theme effects) to ludicrously high numbers.

I hope Wudijo doesn’t get the eggman treatment ofter he made his video explaining an exploit.

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Please can we have the option to remove the weather effects? It really retracts from the game play. The sound effects along with the visuals do not add anything to the experience at all. It’s even worse in multiplayer as each player has the effect occur!?



Which means :

  • Everything must be tested in the PTR, except maybe slight number tweaking
  • If a PTR initial patch + 1 update patch is not enough to validate the PTR, just extend it.

If the live patch is well tested in the PTR we don’t care to have very few time between the live patch and the season start. That extra week between patch and season was great to fix some things and saved some disaster in the past, but everything linked in a way or another to the season theme cannot be tested until season starts which is just BAD and RISKY

As a dev myself in another industry, I know that breaking a client environment with untested changes can cost me my job. I don’t want you to be in the same kind of trouble, but please, just let us test your changes before they are live, thank you


Please address the theme feedback.


We did test it. We complained. It was pushed through anyway.


The point is that what was pushed to live isn’t what we tested on the PTR, in either of the PTR builds that was available.

We also complained that during the PTR, the seasonal theme effects were happening in set dungeons, which could affect their completion, e.g. if a theme caused the kills rather than the player. The patch notes / season 21 anouncement blog said this had been resolved. Well, I’d refer you to this…

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Please add an option to disable this horrible seasonal buff, just please if not i will have to wait until this annoying thing goes away before trying to play this game again.


Worst Season ever, by far. Unless Trials of the Tempests is removed, or at the very least, given an option to disable it, i will not play in this season any more, and from what i’ve read, many others will not play it either, IT’S THAT BAD. The annoying Tempests effects, the very annoying sounds from the Tempests effects that drowns out characters when they talk. And the most annoying of all, the graphics from the Tempests effects that darkens the screen to the point that in some areas, you can’t see anything. Neither the area or any monsters that may be around. At that point, i have to use the mini-map to navigate. Good job (being very sarcastic…)!!