Season 21 - Trials of Tempests: Double Bounties

Another appalling attempt to bring back people into this parody of a game with leftover breadcrumbs. Even Immortal looks better than D3. Just let it die and give us D4 already.


hey guys Sorry we screwed up the Leaderboards so heres double bounties


A shout out to Avalon for taking off my horse blinders and letting me know there is already a thread here about what I just posted.

  1. Double bounties is never, I mean never, a bad thing. Everyone, I mean everyone, will be more than willing to take advantage of it. Me included.

  2. Yes, something done is better than nothing done. Thanks Blizz for at least doing something. Again, I will take full advantage of it.

  3. However, the seasonal theme is not a total loss. It doesn’t need a double X, just tweak a few things here and there.

  4. I have seen a few suggestions. Let the firewall continue in another direction after it hits a wall. Make the wall a little longer. Break up the wall, each piece can be its own entity. Increase the damage. Increase the amount of times it procs w/in the 90 second time frame. Control the snowball better. I have seen it spawn right next to a RG and do absolutely nothing while I am attacking the RG. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a RG I could kite to the Snowball. Rinse/repeat with each effect except the Diablo lightning attack, that one is fine as is.

  5. Boom done. Will it please everyone? HA! No. This is the year 2020, some players will ‘never’ be happy. It doesn’t matter if you give them exactly what they want, they will still shred it. But at least the season could be a little bit more fun and actually somewhat beneficial if it was tweaked a little here and there.

  6. That’s my salty QQ worth 2 cents.


Awesome!!! Thanks!!!

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I just completed 5 act 1 bounties on my hardcore seasonal T16 crusader and only got 1 cache. I was supposed to get 2 right?


Honestly, I am not happy with this. Season is already way too beneficial. Sure, players need to feel engaged and inclined to play season, I get that. But adding, mid-season, double bounties and only for seasonal players? Another layer of advantage not only for group game but especially for season? Not good, really disappointing.
While the game might possibly be in its best state yet, sure enough a lot of players feel like in their worst mental state when it comes to these differences.
But it’s ok, let seasonal players farm GR150s, augments, gem-ups. If that was not enough top it all with some sprinkles of double bounties.
As a quick side note: Just lost a pretty good item on my barb while selecting a build in my armory. It’s gone now. Thank you Blizzard.


I just ran act 2, on season T16 and received 2 of them.

Yeah I know you screwed the LB with the seasonal buff and the exploits and cheaters but now you want us to farm for nothing hoping where gonna still keep on playing this nonsense?? hahahahhaha


And that additional buff still encourages bounty bots. Brilliant idea, Blizzard.

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If Blizzard either knew or cared about the variety of D3’s player base and had some insight on psychology, I think we, overall, had a better D3.

I’m guessing… no console support for the double bounties? O.O


Would’ve been a good move 1st or 2nd week into the season. Most active people got what they wanted anyway in the first month. And then we quit, lol.

who would take this seriously anyway when the season and leaderboards have been trashed since day one because of the exploit with bringing stacks in from outside?


It’s turned off for me as well. Seems bugged. Tried relog, didn’t help.

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Would be nice to get some of the little “bonuses” in non-season.


Same here act 1 ran twice only 1 cache


Broken for me as well, had the buff in solo game, went to public bounty and buff dropped off,


I had it for two runs in public, then it broke, then I relogged and had it for one more run, then it broke again, and I relogged and now it dos not work at all for me.

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You probably need to find the intended group exploit before you get double chests.


With double bounties, I think bounties MAY prevail over GRs for legendaries (especially with a good, focused group), but not for XP. GRs crush everything for XP.

But 10 caches per run, that’s a lot of, well, everything especially if you’re running T16 and collecting the DBs on the way (plus any random leg drops).

A reforging we will go…

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I have one problem with this. This requires people who have had difficulties with this season the entire time (due to accessibility issues/disabilities, etc) to play the problematic season in order to reap the rewards of this so-called “apology.”

The whole point of people complaining wasn’t just due to the leaderboard screwups, it was also because this particular season literally physically affected certain populations negatively whereas this had not previously been an issue. This drove most of us back into non-season.

I gritted my teeth through completion (and spent a lot of time not looking at the screen to do so), but this will not by any means, tempt me to come back to migraines and vertigo.

So… where’s our apology? :thinking: