Season 21 - Trials of Tempests: Double Bounties

Is this only for US? What about EU and other regions?

Well done Blizz. Keep up the good work. With everything that’s going on it’s nice to get thrown a freebie.



I like this.
This is definitely a good thing!


Sounds good.
:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:


Worried that bounties become the “right” way to play the game, but I suppose the limits on forgotten souls will come into play.

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I’m so excited I feel like my Bachelor pad just got a free jacuzzi upgrade and I can’t wait to dive in! Ok maybe not quite that exciting but I am excited! Thanks Blizzard! :wink:


Its not active on console?..

A bit late for this imo. This season died for me weeks ago and just double bounties wont bring my hype back.


Would have liked double keys better but I guess beggars…I’ll take it.


This would have come in handy earlier in the season. Glad I farmed all yesterday for caches and instead of double mats on opening you just give another cache to fill your inventory. Great.


Thanks guys!


What is the timeline for EU server, there were no topic on EU forums.

Thanks in advance.

Quite a bit better than double bounties!

The buff in EU became active for a little while and then disappeared. Can any Blizzard poster please clarify what is going on?

probably over a month before any PTR is happening. a good guess is probably sep 24th

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Non season also? This time.


Another appalling attempt to bring back people into this parody of a game with leftover breadcrumbs. Even Immortal looks better than D3. Just let it die and give us D4 already.


hey guys Sorry we screwed up the Leaderboards so heres double bounties


A shout out to Avalon for taking off my horse blinders and letting me know there is already a thread here about what I just posted.

  1. Double bounties is never, I mean never, a bad thing. Everyone, I mean everyone, will be more than willing to take advantage of it. Me included.

  2. Yes, something done is better than nothing done. Thanks Blizz for at least doing something. Again, I will take full advantage of it.

  3. However, the seasonal theme is not a total loss. It doesn’t need a double X, just tweak a few things here and there.

  4. I have seen a few suggestions. Let the firewall continue in another direction after it hits a wall. Make the wall a little longer. Break up the wall, each piece can be its own entity. Increase the damage. Increase the amount of times it procs w/in the 90 second time frame. Control the snowball better. I have seen it spawn right next to a RG and do absolutely nothing while I am attacking the RG. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a RG I could kite to the Snowball. Rinse/repeat with each effect except the Diablo lightning attack, that one is fine as is.

  5. Boom done. Will it please everyone? HA! No. This is the year 2020, some players will ‘never’ be happy. It doesn’t matter if you give them exactly what they want, they will still shred it. But at least the season could be a little bit more fun and actually somewhat beneficial if it was tweaked a little here and there.

  6. That’s my salty QQ worth 2 cents.


Awesome!!! Thanks!!!

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