Season 20 (EU Server) hasn't ended

Well, how unsurprising.

The announcement for the end of Season 20…

…said that EU’s season would be ending at 17:00 CET.

This is despite Europe currently being in daylight savings time, and they’re currently utilising CEST (Central European Summer Time), which is UTC+2 / CET+1. That means the season should have ended 15 minutes ago, at 17:00 CEST.

It didn’t.

It’s not just EU which didn’t end on time…

…the Asia server’s season end is now more than seven hours overdue.


I do not keep track of this mundane stuff, do they ever start and end on time?
I never understood the obsession that some people have with this.


Because you have to realize that people push the leaderboard the last hours/minutes of the season, to secure their clear. When a season goes on for an additional unplanned 7h, people can go above your clear. This is BAD.

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Wouldnt this mean that the end time would actually be 1800 cest then?

Obsession is to start and/or end something as announced? LOL!!!
No matter for leaderboards or anything regarding gaming, it is the question of common sense for all human activities that if you said something will begin at, for example, 8 a.m., then it should start at 8 a.m., not 3, 5 or 11 hours later or before.


Indeed. But I am afraid, looking at Asia, it doesn’t matter. Like last time, we will probably wait much longer.

Like I said in another post.

"D3 is on life support and the nurse has left the room. Bring on D4 already."

That’s why, every single time that Blizzard announce something as 17:00 CET, but Europe’s in Daylight Savings Time, we point out that their announcement / blog has the wrong time on it, and they usually fix the announcement and, sometimes, the time they’ve set on the server for the end of season.

Yet again, they announced 17:00 CET (which is, indeed, 18:00 CEST), we said it should be 17:00 CEST (which is 16:00 CET), but they took no notice.

As for the Asia server, they’re currently almost 8 hours overdue for season end there. Heck, it’s now the 22nd June there. They’re not even going to end it on the right day, let alone at the right time.


Or it allows them to set a single time rather than changing it back and forth for dst every time it moved, especially if theyre using a standard like utc to set the ending times.

You’ll notice that the announcement shows the time for the US server as PDT. That’s Pacific Daylight Time, i.e. they adjusted that for Daylight Savings. They just didn’t adjust for it on EU.

Also, Korea doesn’t have daylight savings time, so there’s a constant offset from UTC regardless of the time of year. Their season is still running almost 8 hours after it was due to end.

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As expected, didn’t end, not even at 18:00.

True. It’s really annoying. It can’t be that hard to actually end the season at the time you as a company say… Oh my…

Well, it’s now 17:15 CET / 18:15 CEST and the season’s still running on EU.
So, regardless of which time zone they were using, they still got it wrong.

As every single season… to be honest. That’s probably the easiest job they had based on developing the games and stuff like that but they fail at exactly that. ^^

It is the weekend. Nobody at the office. Nobody to turn the season off since automatic system doesn’t work. :smiley: I guess the season will end Monday when blizzard go to work and see it is still running. lol

You guys did not understand that “5 PM CET” means “5 Problably Maybe Calculated & Estimated Timing”


FYI, Season 20 is still going on the Asia servers too, and it’s 1:54 AM KST… on June 22nd as I type this. Go Team Blizzard!!! :slight_smile:

as long as the new season starts at its time…

we had this too, alot of people waiting for the season to start for an hour

“The distinction between the past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” ~ Albert Einstein

Finally, EU season has ended now.