Season 19 Ending Sunday March 1, 2020

Apparently there was a miscommunication, it’s actually ending March 1st. Update from Nevalistis on reddit:

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Yep, was just coming here to reiterate this.

We had a miscommunication. The Season ends on March 1st, not February 23. As always, we want to make sure you all have a two-week notice in advance of the Season end so you have time to wrap up any last Season Journey or Leaderboard pushes.

Apologies for the confusion, we’re fixing this communication now.


Thanks for the update! I shall edit my post with that.


Oh, there was a new season?

I wonder for what purpose we have a forum here when important information gets posted on twitter and reddit first.


It’s also in the launcher. I’ve been handling PTR patch stuff all morning. I’ll add a sticky shortly to the top of the page here.

Just a lot to juggle today. <3 Apologies for the lack of prompt-ness.

Edit: Post is up now.


The main purpose of the forums, from Blizzard’s point of view, is for players to discuss the games with other players. It has never been their main means of distributing news.

Looks like Nev is going to get a post up, so all is well.


OK, the season ends only 1 week after the estimated time. I wasn’t far off with my estimates.

And what is this post :smiley:

North America: Friday, March 3 @ 5:00 PM PST
Europe: Friday, March 3 @ 5:00 PM CEST
Asia: Friday, March 3 @ 5:00 PM KST

Somone is over worked :smiley:

3rd of March is Tusday and season ends at 1st of March :smiley:

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hands Nev some tea and a large snack

:tea: :bowl_with_spoon: :taco: :ramen:


Seems someone needs a Weekend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s hard to get everything done and grind to max level in Wolcen at the same time :slight_smile:

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I know it’s hard to believe but some of us don’t use Twitter or Reddit. I personally have more use for old fence posts, dandelions and dead flies. Same thing goes for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc…


Does that mean automatically that season 20 starts on 6 March?

I really don’t think you can assume a date right now. Sometimes they have short breaks between seasons, but at times it is extended by quite a bit. It really just comes down to the patch being ready for the Live servers. It depends on how PTR testing goes this week and what the team needs to do before pushing it out.

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How is WD change from 100% mana to 50% mana not a nerf?

The change for Ring of Emptiness is great. Now I can replace Locust Swamp for others such as Piranhado.

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The patch notes say its the same damage as old wording. So I am assuming its 50% of your mana regen as a straight multiplier. That’s only way the numbers stay the exact same. So 100 mana regen would be 50x more damage which is the same as 5000% set bonus that 50 times mana regen value gives with previous wording.

And 2.6.8 still sucks.