Season 17 Ends August 18 | S18 Begins 8/23


Sir…pls include Gibbering gemstone lootable(increase drop rate) in the next season…pls give this item to us or dont make it hard to loot…thanks…



Can we get the S18 start date ? rly much people will know it because of WoW Classic start on 27th 00:01


what do we need to do to prepare I am new and this is my first season change . Do I get rid of gear < do I have to start a new character . I need information


I am not sure I understand the question… so, please let me know if I’m totally off.

Blizzard used to provide information on end-of-season… the last blog they did for that was for Season 14, but it still is valid. You can find it here:

If your question is… how do you prepare for the end-of-season ? , there are a few school of thoughts on that:

  • if you do nothing now… the season will end Sunday and everything that is in your stash will be mailed to you. There will be an envelope icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. You have 30 days to empty it, after which it vanishes with its content.
  • Another way is to decide now what you want to keep… and salvage the rest. Crafting materials are automatically transferred to your non-season mode at the end of the season.
  • Or, if you aren’t sure if you want to keep some items… keep it for now and decide later. At the beginning, I tended to keep a lot of stuff because I wasn’t sure if I would need it… and because I had a lot of room in the stash.

Hopefully… this helps a little.


So, does this mean Patch 2.6.6 hits live on Tuesday 20th?


Patch 2.6.6 hits sometime between now and 8/23, and we (generally) patch on Tuesdays.

That’s not a guarantee, but it’s a a pretty reasonable estimation to make.

When is patch 2.6.6 being launched?
Patch 2.6.6 Same Day As Seas 18?
When is patch 2.6.6 being launched?
Patch 2.6.6 Same Day As Seas 18?

Out of curiosity what is the big class to start of as this season progression wise, I’ve played a lot of these classes and have some mixed feelings about a lot of the sets, any advice on benefits of classes would be appreciated


Thanks for the update! :+1:


Also in the same boat. Just learned this and I’ve been on the client and checking their facebook quite a lot in the last two weeks. The splash for the game used to make it more obvious the end was coming. Food for thought for the next one. Here’s to an intensive grind in the next 72 hours…


Ty for the update Nev


Barb and monk gets support sets if I remember correctly. I think one of them are best to go for as first. You need 4 pieces then you are OP in gr.


This should have been a news point on the Diablo page from the application. This is extremely short notice for those of us who aren’t online 24/7. The news of Season 18 start date only appeared today.

As a longtime fan and player of Diablo and other Blizzard games I’m extremely DISAPPOINTED that BLIZZARD neglected to give us more of a heads up as an announcement on the front page of the Diablo startup page on the application that is visible to everyone who plays. I only found this forum because of the comments in the news story about Season 18 starting next week that was posted TODAY with only 3 days more of Season 17 left.

Please NEVER do this again. Give players a REASONABLE heads up next time. A lot of us have full-time jobs and don’t constantly go out of our way to look up forums outside of the application news.

I request that you EXTEND the season 2 weeks from this announcement of Season 18 for those of us who were not notified properly. To assist with this process, perhaps you can have people send a trouble ticket with their battletag number to extend their time to 2 weeks from the news announcement of Season 18 as PROMISED per your notes: “and will continue to provide a MINIMUM of TWO WEEKS advance notice for when the Season will be ending.”


Thanks for the update Nev.


Great update. 23rd is perfect. Hopefully the challenge rift isn’t a pos so we can have an easy time leveling the first day.


I completely agree. There has not been any real news on this up until now. I just found out as well just several minutes ago…nice news blizzard -_- Its not difficult to post the latest season info on the main app page before you launch the game. Also, it would be clutch if per season they already list a proposed end date. If blizzard needs more time, they can just extend the end date…i would say this is common sense but coming from Dota 2, common sense is not so very common.


No signs of it on the launcher until today though, so I would call this a half baked keeping of promise.


Still not in the launcher in EU/DE. Had to dig through old reddit posts to find the link to this here obscure place.


Reckon something this important would deserve a proper news posting in the launcher. Assuming you want people to know things that affect them. :rage:


It looks like Season 17 ended a day early. It’s August 17 and at 5 pm PDT I lost the Legacy of Nightmares buff and was hoping to grind a little more in an attempt to get those galaxy wings :frowning:


The LoN buff seems to have been disabled prematurely, stopped at exactly 8pm EDT. I killed one mob before 8pm and was going great, then I couldn’t kill anything afterwards.