Sanctuary (Aura) BUG

Do anyone knows is “Sanctuary” Aura working properly now?

on they say
“Depending on game version, damage bonus of this Aura may be bugged (applied mistakenly not to the projector of the aura, but its targets, effectively, it gives all Undead monsters in the vicinity enhanced damage against Undead).”

So it is bugged or not, on resurrected version of the game?

Hasn’t been directly addressed but they did mention fixing some of the bugs and not others. I imagine since this skill literally doesn’t do what it says it does this will be fixed.

I am 95% certain that it is fixed now. Not easy to test in beta because of 8-16 aura pulse damage, which quickly kills most undead monsters. I removed my weapon and all charms that add damage, and used my fist (1-2 damage without aura) against a preserved dead and a ghoul lord in the tomb. I did see fist damages of the correct range after applying 150% bonus damage from a level 1 sanctuary aura. Easier to test in hell with a magic immune undead I guess.