Sanctified weapon lose secondary stats

Sometimes, when you sanctify a weapon, it comes without any secondary stats (i.e., no discipline roll on bows, no spirit rolls on daibo, etc)

This has to be a bug.

Here’s a link to the screenshot:

It looks like when you sanctify the inna daibo, the sanctified power will replace the secondary stats. It happens every time.


AFAIK, only the legendary stat is preserved (maxed). Everything else is rerolled randomly.

There’s a difference between “no secondary stats” and “not the secondary stats I want

I wish I can post a screenshot. But the weapon comes without any secondary stats.

upload it to a site like and post the link to it, just put the link in the “preformatted text” quotes to be able to post it

The forum doesn’t let me post link.

Might need to type in manually postimg dot cc slash njMSM21y

Yes you can post them. As already stated directly above, make the link preformatted text. Highlight the link and click the </> button.

Back to the topic: I can’t test it out right now, but could it be a problem only with set weapons?

I’m not sure. This also happens to offhand.

Offhand from a set or common offhand?

I rolled more than 100 items and never encountered this problem.

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is not a bug obviously the secondary is replaced with the new legendary power

No, that’s not it.
Any weapon/offhand/jewelry/armor mantains the number of secondaries it already has.

When the crucible is used on ANY set piece, it loses one secondary. If it only has one secondary it remains with none.

Nice catch @JohnTravolta: I suggest you edit your first post to give full info about the bug.

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Noted same here.

Sanctified Tal Rasha helm.
Starts with 2 secondaries, but after the sanctify, Only one is present.