Sanchtified power and chakram

1- the strafe sanchtified power works with chakram when i wear “spines of seething hatred” that makes chakram into a generator

2- the strafe sanchtified power does not work with “sword of ill will” that makes chakram do more dmg Edit: when equipped

3- the strafe sanchtified power makes “no rune” - “twin chakram” - “boomerang” into lawnmowers (not autotarget)

this is tested on the unhollowed essence set


“Strafe now casts the last non-channeled Hatred spending ability casted.”

  1. Strange that turning Chakram into a Hatred generator instead of a spender would make it work with the Strafe sanctified power. Sounds like a bug.

  2. Does that happen regardless if Spines of Seething Hatred is equipped or not?

Same with elemental arrow and kridershot.