Salvage Ramaladni/Scream

Hey, noticed that we could salvage Crucibles (items) for some cool rewards, that got me thinking… the Ramaladni/Petrified Screams, why can’t we salvage those aswell? Once we get a couple of them we don’t really need them anymore and they just pile up in the stash, to be able to salvage them aswell would be a cool way to use them.


Perhaps it should give flawless royal gems when you salvage them like the shards in season 25.

You’re not going to have enough of them to make salvaging them useful.
Most people have gotten past P1000 and not seen a single one.

Some people claim the drop rates have been increased, but at the moment it seems they’re worse than Petrified screams, of which only a handful of people have in their stash in double digits, whilst others are still struggling to find a single one.

Not sure how making it possible to salvage them is going to help anyone if nobody can actually find them. But yes, if they massively increase the drop rate so that people can find them, salvaging them would be useful, however, if they add salvaging to them they can only up the drop rate so much, before it becomes too much.

At the moment these things could be set to drop like candy, allowing people to stockpile hundreds, and it won’t make a single difference to how people play the season beyond being able to enjoy the seasonal bonus.

But if they allow people to salvage them too, then they’ll have to cut that drop rate down so that people aren’t getting tons of matts that blizz want people to run puzzle rings and bounties to get.

+1 Being able to salvage anything that is going to end up being thrown in stash and not used the rest of the season works for everyone. Wish we could salvage gems too. Have thousands by the end of the season.

Id ignore the people with these comments > “Not sure how making it possible to salvage them is going to help anyone if nobody can actually find them.”

Obviously people find them or this thread wouldn’t exist. Having the ability to salvage this isn’t hurting people that have worse luck. Sure it may take 800-1000 paragon to get your first one, but by time you get your 5th-50th, more mats are helpful instead of saving them to throw in the non-season stash in 3 months.