Sage's Set not equipping to follower

Anyone else having an issue with putting the sages set on the follower? Its says its locked to level requirement with the No Item level node unlocked.

The reduced level requirement only applies to your character. It doesn’t apply to followers.


Then why is it listed under the item description as level 1?

Because your hero is looking at it… so it’s level 1. The game shows you the cLvl (the character-level needed to wear the item), not the iLvl (the actual level of the item). Normally, they’re the same unless one of the properties reduces the cLvl. The Altar reduces the cLvl for your hero to 1 for ALL items… regardless of its iLvl.

Sage’s set is item level 70… so your follower will be able to wear it when he reaches level 70… in the meantime, you can wear it since you do not have the level restriction.

I hope this helps


Well, it would be really nice if the info would show the real level of the gear piece too. Not just if you may want to put stuff on your follower.

And code wise this should be ludicrously easy to “implement” because when putting the “1” there, just query the actual level before and add it in brackets after the “1”…

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I agree. Almost makes the node worthless. I should have unlocked permanent xp first then.

Quite the contrary actually… that node makes levelling up much quicker… once Haedrig is Lvl 10, you can craft lvl 60 items (more powerful) ; when Haedrig is lvl 12, you can craft lvl 70 items, upgrade them to legendary in the cube and get to lvl 70 a lot quicker.

But yes, that node is of no interest once you reach level 70… unless you create more than one seasonal hero – might be needed depending on the conquests for the season.

Best of luck in your games !

But Visions drop Legendaries like candy so i dont care about the crafting while leveling anyway. While leveling, alot of yellows are upgrades.