S30 Predictions (Updated w/ Soul Shards)

Maybe because you’ve exhausted pushing the other Monk builds and need to play something different? Or you just like the playstyle of WoL more?

That doesn’t exactly seem like much of a reward for putting together a very demanding build. More like the natural ups that come with playing literally any other set-based builds in the game.

Well, the good thing is that if you don’t feel like gearing LoD WoL, there’s no longer an incentive to do so on the sole basis of power level. Those that want to play WoL anyway (for whatever reason) can still do so, they just have to accept the gear grind.

True. And now that I stop to think about it, this along the Uliana buffs probably means that I can just play Uliana/Raiment next patch and save a bunch of energy rerolling stuff. I guess I’ll have to take that win lol.

what happened to PoJ? I thought 6p set bonus just works fine as intended

Not entirely sure but I guess the 15k% → 20k% buff done in patch 2.7.5 was now actually applied instead of just editing the tooltip text.

Can’t think of anything else it could mean.

Undoubtedly, the Seeker Light holly hammer is the weakest in all classes and requires buff 7 GR urgently.I recommend this:Seeker Light set 6 P bounus 15000%→40000%.thx Devs.

6p set bonus didn’t match its tooltip in S28 patch. In S29 patch they fixed that, giving it about 2 extra tiers of power.


Very useful analysis. Thank you. BTW, it’s not “Altar of Rights”. It’s “Altar of Rites”. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the feedback, I’ve updated the name of the Altar to ‘Rites.’

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With all the commotion it could be called Altar of Cries :grin:

Every season brings a few players to tears, a few shed happy tears, others end up drenched in sorrow tears. :sob:


For example, this season finally killing all of us LoD monk players…without even really solving Uliana’s problem to give us another cool build to play. Combine that with how Gibbering Gemstone is likely to make a comeback…Well, I honestly struggle to see who’s winning this patch.

Not the LOD Monks apparently. :laughing:

After the changes which paragon level do you need to be able to clear every 150s non season?

I play NS. Not every build can do NS 150…

Nice, my goal will be gr150 on GoD DH, never done it with that before!

*Edit, at what paragonlevel are these predictions made on?

I’m solely speaking in the context of the OP’s analysis: season.

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These values are for max clears at 5000 paragon with extreme fishing and a talented pilot behind the controls. Since most sets exceed GR150 estimates, clear times will be short, the very best sets will approach GR150 in under 2:30.

Since I’m not responsible for any of these clears, I’ll make certain deductions to reliably predict my top clear in S30:

My Self-Assessment

-2GR fishing penalty up to 300 keys (an arbitrary number to represent how far off the map / mobs / pylons served is from the arrangement of the top clear.)
-1GR talent penalty.
-3GR penalty for pushing with only 2400 paragon.

After deducting these penalties, if the estimated clear remains above GR150, then I can start to predict a clear time under 15:00.

Let’s say I plan to push the updated Crusader Roland’s build which has a GR157.3 peak clear. After subtracting the above mentioned -6GR deduction, I should score GR151.3. I have 1.3GRs worth of time savings to shave off of 15:00, which falls somewhere around 12:17.

Time Scaling

15:00: 0
12:50: +1
11:00: +2
9:20: +3
8:00: +4
6:50: +5
5:50: +6
5:00: +7
4:15: +8

For a detailed explanation of ‘adjusted clear’ and the calculations behind it, this Google doc is a good read: