S29 SSF hardcore leaderboard is broken

I’ve played all sets in hardcore DH. Primarily GoD set. In order to see any clear time at all, I have to change from Americas to either clan or friends. Once there I can see what GR level and time so I can go back to the Americas list and find where I’m currently ranked.

This is the same for me when looking for times for each set worn during the clear.

The best GR and time should be showing in the upper right but all I see is " – ".

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Yeah something is broken there.

That feature has always been a bit wonky though, when you look at past seasons leaderboards, it won’t show you your clear from that past season, instead it will show you your current season clear (and " – " if you don’t have a clear in the current season, even if you did have a clear for that board in the past season you are viewing).

If you are in the top 1000, you should still be able to click the " – " and it will bring you to your spot like it normally would. Won’t work if you are outside of the top 1000 though (on Americas view) as then it won’t have anywhere to bring you.

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While it is bugged, a workaround is to click on that “–” and it will show you where on the leaderboard you are at, provided you are on the leaderboard. Been playing since release and just noticed this this season. Learn something new everyday. If you are not on the leaderboard you can just check your profile, click seasons, click season 29 and then records. It will show you your highest clears on all characters for the season.