S29 multiple Seasonal Journeys

I have completed SSF Season Guardian on the 17th, naturally using Haedrig’s set and all.

Then I started playing with friends also on PC in the same Region, and I noticed I have a 2nd set of Haedrig’s gifts in the mail on my regular seasonal character.
Then I noticed the game decided my seasonal progress is Destroyer instead of Guardian.
Apparently even though seasonal softcore and hardcore characters share their seasonal journey and can only get Haedrig’s once while tracking the completition combining the two game mode’s progress, SSF has an entirely separate seasonal journey with a separate progress counter.

Which may be leading to other bugs already reported, but here is mine:

Depending on which character was my most recently logged, I can get several results in Season 29 Records:

  1. Guardian completed with no date (the way previous seasons are shown)
  2. Guardian, dated to the 17th (correct for SSF)
  3. Destroyer, dated to the 17th (incorrect, SSF has Guardian, no data for standard)
  4. Destroyer, dated to the 26th (correct for non-SSF)

It is fairly weird to be shown what my unclaimed Guardian reward Portrait will be like… while I am already using it on my Seasonal character.

Obviously this is just a cosmetic issue for me, but maybe other s29 progress related issues might be causing this too.