S21 now down or whats up with this?

this blizzard team is surrounded by amateurs … all the time it’s a problem enough excuses this is getting boring already

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Just checked: Sunday, November 8, 2020 at 5:06 PM PST.

  • Americas Region: Season 21 still up.
  • Europe Region: Season 21 still up.
  • Asia Region: Season 21 still up.

Seasons on consoles are supposed to start and end at the same time as the US server region, i.e. 17:00 PST.

Having said that, it’s now 17:23 PST and it hasn’t ended in any region.

Someone must have forgotten to hit Enter.


To be truthful, they did not say what year it would end.


Updates here:

Still only 6:15 in California.
Blizz may be paying Overtime tonight.

They wouldn’t have to pay overtime if the team did their job correctly the first time.

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Blizz and OT for D3, bet not. Only one there right now is the janitor, and they are asleep.

I suspect they got mixed up when someone posted that season’s end would be on the 8th on a single website then somehow they just decided to run with that while not actually talking to the people responsible for pushing out the patch.

To be honest unless it is a gamebreaking issue I have rarely seen them push out a patch outside of the normal tuesday patch schedule for D3. Makes no sense to push it out when normal patch day is little more than a day away.

My guess is we will see it tuesday morning (the 10th) like normal.

The end of a season doesn’t need a patch. The next expected patch would be 2.6.10 being applied to live, e.g. on Tuesday 10th, but that might not be possible unless they manage to end S21 today.


Ahh I found on another thread where you and someone else were discussing how Seasons have normally ended on a Sunday.

I normally associate changes with Tuesday maintenance schedules. Mix that with the false impression that they needed to reset the servers to end the Season (no one logged in) and that’s how I came to my erronious conclusion that it would be easier on maintenance day.

I am not normally around during the end of a season but I have to move soon so wanted to snag my gear afterwards to ensure I get it. There was once I received nothing in the mail at all even though it hadn’t even been thirty days since the season had ended. Was a one in a million glitch but why risk it if I don’t have to.

Anyway thanks for the heads up Meteor!

(My bet is still Tues Morning. If i am wrong because they get it out earlier then at least I will be happy wrong. Yes I know I am being willfully ignorant.)

Season start or season end are not patches. They have nothing to do with Maintenance day or normal patches. Even normal patches can now be pushed days or weeks ahead of time and just go live when Blizz flips a switch.

Seasons don’t start or end on Tuesdays.


No. You might get kicked from a game instance, but they don’t take down the servers. It is not a patch.

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Thank you as well MC!

I’m starting to doubt whether season 22 will really start on the 20th …

Dude, sh*t happens. Give them a break, a day or two won’t hurt. S22 doesn’t start until the 20th.

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Maybe not…

Season 22 starting on 20th November is predicated on Patch 2.6.10 having been applied to the live servers over a week before the season starts. That means, if they stick to their premise of applying non-emergency patches on a Tuesday, the patch would need to be applied tomorrow on 10th November. For that to happen, they have to get Season 21 to end today.

So, unless S21 ends today, be prepared for a S22 delayed sticky.

We all understand that unexpected things happen. But they could make a post and give the players a heads up whether the season will end in an hour, a day, or a week. Having technical issues is not the problem. Keeping people in the dark and guessing is the problem.

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They did post a pinned thread about it and will update it when they have answers.

It is a bit hard to post an ETA when you honestly don’t know the answer yet.