S21 hasn't ended on time in Asia realm

It is 5:12 PM KST and S21 is still running in Asia realm. It hasn’t ended on time (again).

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Yeah, same here. Should have ended 2hrs ago

Can confirm. At 7:30 PM KST, November 8, 2020, Asia Region is still on Season 21.

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I just went on and it still hasn’t ended. I thought to sort my stash a bit since Sunday night I don’t have anything better to do lol

It is now Monday, November 9, 2020 at 12:17 AM KST and Season 21 has not ended.



It is now **Monday, November 9th , 2020 at 10:17 AM Egypt time and Season 21 has not ended . please advise . Thanks.

Then keep playing s21, nothing to complain here!

Dev has awared the issue (see the link on Perusoe’s post above).
Since it was Sunday, I expect it’ll take longer time to fix the issue.
Also, patch 2.6.10 is expected to be deployed on Nov 10 (US time), S21 has to be ended before that happens (otherwise 2.6.10 will be deferred).

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I’m fairly sure they’re doing it on purpose, because they’re fully aware how much S21 sucks. So they’re keeping it live for as long as possible to troll us.

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Wait until the other shoe drops and you find out they corrupted the backups and your account was reset to day 1 Forever.