S20 start date was supposed to be released last week

I believe it is on March 6.

If we don’t hear anything today even the white knights that tried to say next week (on 2/14 which should have meant 2/16-2/22) really means the week after next (meaning this week 2/23-2/29) won’t have a leg to stand on.
12 days of no season (if 3/13 start) just kills any momentum the game might have had.

today February 28 there is still no news … and the current league ends on 1?
Come on, it doesn’t cost much to make copy paste and add a couple of lines to the PTR notes.

“Please tell me when the next season starts, so I can take a few days off work. Because after all, I still love your game.” - “Nope. I won’t even tell you when I’m planning to tell you!”

If I have one wish for D4, it would be for more transparency and communication when it comes to such announcements.


Or you can try to get a hobby…just a thought, eh?

Yeah, all the yadda-yadda about improving communication is just empty words.
The maddening thing is, it’s probably all ready and waiting to be released, just some Suaheli localization of the blog post is still missing, and therefore it’s being held back.

And we can’t to a one-liner “season 20 starts on xxx, details follow”, nooo.
Instead big walls of text how we hear you, and read everything, and pass it all on to the devs (who ignore all of it), which makes us soo busy we can’t post here, except this big excuse of course, blabla.


Imagine playing non-season in 2020

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You Guys def. need to learn, how to chill.

Maybe there are even some Features, wich werent on the PTR.
So just wait :slight_smile:

The Announcement is surly already on its Way

It’s already been announced. it’s 3/13

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And of course our CM couldn’t be bothered to drop a one liner “patch notes are up” here, noo, we are supposed to reload the main page with the crappy switch animation to find that out.
Because she is so busy reporting our valued feedback to the devs that she has no time for such a chore.

They post that sort of thing on twitter. It’s stupid I know. They might as well post it on Reddit for all the good that does.

I hope you know, that the Forum/s itself make up only a small portion of a CM´s work :thinking:

Just to mention a few things, that are on theyr list :

  • Compile/Localise/Put out new Contend (on Social Media/Blogs/Forums etc.)
  • Absorbing and revise Feedback (frome Forums, over social Networks, E-Mails, Videos, Streams and so on.)
  • Interaction with the Players ( on social Networks / Twitch and on many Events)
  • Marketing and PR (Promotion-Campains, Lottory, like Key releases )
  • Planning and superviesing Events ( GamesCom / BlizCon and many Lunch-Events, like Cafes and E-Sport Events )
  • Support and Contact for Fansites, Blogger, Streamer, YTouber, Cosplayer, Pro-Gamer … And the List goes on

As sayed
The Forums are (sadly) only a small part of theyr Job.
And pers. I think they should bumb up theyr Staff with an extra Department, wich shows a bit more activity …

But you know.
Human Resources are expensive :confused:

so a hobby from my hobby? you are quite the deep thinker I see.

If she has time to post it to Twitter and/or Reddit, I’d suggest she has time to post it to the game’s own official forums.


Appreciate the tone of your reply.

Thanks for bearing with us taking things for granted.

Does this mean the patch drops on the 9th? I dont really care about the season start, but i cant find info on the new patch for non season

The patch is likely released today. Keep in mind that all but emergency patches are always released on Tuesdays. That leaves either 3rd or 10th day before the season start and Blizzard wants to leave enough time between the patch release and the season start to sort out any major issue if there are any.

pshhhttt… Nevy, you are doing a bang up job. thanks for all you do! :slight_smile:


Sadly not :confused:

There could still be more, what she could do
(or at least if her higher Ups werent such Chickens )

It’s definitely today…