S-19 Group Join Bug

They didnt squash it entirely, sadly

Still bugged. Had to get clan members to restart the game to invite them to group just a couple hours ago.

Thanks for working on this diligently sir. Hope you and the team are planning on having some seriously fun holidays. :grinning:

Just jumping in to confirm that similarly for my party, we continued to have issues (around 12 hours ago from my post here). Everyone was newly logged in for the evening of play. Appreciate you continuing to look at it.

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I think its everyone, its abit rubbish having to completely log out. Ive tried to INV ppl to party and it just instant declines cause i appear as NS to them . In that instance if im the invitee them i just log out log back in and it seems to fix it . Ideally though its putting people of party play i think so lets hope they can address soon.

Our clan found solution to invite go to menu one of team members then invite from there when game can not start change your char to non season and go back to season char should unlock game

Thanks everyone for the responses. We’ll continue to look at it and get more things into testing so we can squash this bug.

Sorry for it taking so long with the holiday weekend and all.


Appreciate the updates. At least we know it’s being worked on.

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Dear Matthew,

I could not get invited in my clan for puzzle rings as it shows me NS SC and I’m HC Season.

I know you guys are doing your best and will get this fixed soon!

Well, you folks are trying. That’s a lot better than nothing, right? :slight_smile:

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This works sometimes, but not all the time.

When one hero has been playing for a few hours and has had multiple people in game and they leave and another comes in after a while there is no trick to get someone in this party.

Also when this person looks at their Task Manager there are multiple instances of the Blizzard Battledotnet App (32 bit)
and one instance of the Blizzard Update Agent (32 bit).

Today I found some more unique issues with join party bug.

I was in a game with another doing rift runs.

Then that person left and turned off his computer. ( He told me after texting him.)

I could see him in friends list as in menu’s when he defiantly was not.

And another friend said he was in menu’s and he shows as offline instead!

The fix made a few days ago has made some even stranger effects.

Seeing the issue here, inside the same network. I’ll be in group with a friend, and my husband is having issues with his graphics - nothing loads (items in bags, mobs on screen, effects like fire/ice/etc.) so he restarts the game - but he still shows up in game even with his computer off.

We have to completely reform game, but then it keeps bouncing him out and saying he declined the invite.

Group join bug still in effect. Also, the clan UI is going nutzo. I have folks popping up in white text as member when they are not members in my clan nor have they requested to join.

I hope this gets addressed soon. There are people on console version who are suffering from this too; if that helps.

Still broken. Hasn’t changed anything.

Wednesday is downtime (EU Region)

Still broken as of 3:57pm EST (New York City/US). We got maint. coming tomorrow 12/3/19. Hopefully they have a fix.

Hey all,

Just to give another update now that we’re all back from the holiday break.

We have the team pouring through internal reports of the bug and trying to locate why presence isn’t work correctly. There’s two separate bugs that could be associated with each other: Non-Seasonal/Seasonal Party Bug and the Clans/Communities/Friends List bug that shows players at level 0 and unknown presence. We’re hoping to nail down the party bug first to alleviate any of the gameplay issues and then work on the display bug with Clans/Communities/Friends List.

This isn’t something that’s tied to any maintenance you see through Battle.net.
We’ll get a fix out asap regardless of a planned maintenance or not.

Thanks for sticking through this with us -


Hopefully the HC / SC bug is tied to one of those