Runewords are very possible within the new system

Its all about setting setting the right limit and categories

Something like…
WHITES = runewordable
MAGIC = 1 - 2 affixes no effect standard
RARES = 3 - 4 affixes no effect standard
RUNEWORD = no affixes but powerful effects.
SETS = Rares with effect or stat boost starting from 2 set colected…
UNIQUE = Rares with legendary effect
LEGENDARY = 4 Affixes with 1 - 2 effecs
MYSTIC = CAN ONLY CARY ONE super rare effect + affixes

And another ting concerning sets and runewords could be what slot they should be limited to. Like

RUNEWORD weapon(dmg effect). Armor ( char boost) Shield (def boost)
SETS. Rings. amulet. Helms. Belts. Gloves. Boots. Leggings. Shoulders (if they make them)

With this a combination of sets and runewords could den compete with uniques…

lemme think of an other one :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be still alive if it wasn’t for this…shadow. I was carrying wares to the village. A short route leads through the forest. I wish i could avoid this part. Those damn bandits saw me and started chasing. But i didn’t want to just give up all my stuff. So i ran. Of course i didn’t get far. They catched me soon and blocked my way. Drew their weapons. I was unarmed. But they probably didn’t want any witness. And then, one of them fell to the ground. An arrow, right through his heart. I could only perceive a dark, hooded person, just for a second and then it vanished again. An other bandit fell to the ground. They split up to spot him. But one after an other got shot down, while i could see the dark shadow, always just for a short moment until he disappeared. When they were all dead, i wanted to thank him, pay him for my life. But he was gone.

4 sockets
Leather armor

  • After not attacking for 5 seconds, become invisible to all enemies, for 5 seconds

  • After not attacking for 5 seconds, activate the next socketed rune

  • When active, increase evasion chance by 30%, for 5 seconds

  • When active, increase stamina regeneration by 30%, for 5 seconds

  • When active, increase movement speed by 30%, for 5 seconds

like this? :smiley:

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Nice :stuck_out_tongue: Cool story, if you changed the time on the special effect to 2 sec not attacking and 3 sec stealth (Break if damaged or skill is used…
then all rune effects activate when you leave stealth :smiley:
uh uh an add
(s) First attack after stealt break has 100% Crit

One more :smiley:
an armor to heavy for normal people to bear, within it resides the spirit know only for its unstopable force

3 Socket
Chain Armor

(s) adds Ferosios Charge skill. ( Charge 2000% Weapon dmg, after charging your Movement & Attack speed is reduced with 20% for 2 sec. Cooldown 2 sec)
(s) you take 20% Less physical damage
(s) reduce Movement speed 15%

  • When Taking 15% damage of max life, activate the next Rune
  • When Active, Increase physical Resistans with 10% for 5 sec
  • When Active, Increase Resource Regen by 25% for 5 sec.

Pls D: those multipliers are making my head hurt xD

But didn’t you say, armor effects should only give character boost and no damage? I didn’t quite understand this one

Sry XD to much D3 I’ve become goods :rofl:

I wrote a post about
Power Progression

Would love to hear your take on this…

Hmm ya your right i meant more like it should be primary focused on char boosting :smiley: 1 Crit every 5 sec doesnt make a diff :smiley: it was just that it fit right in there with the Lore you made for the Runeword imho :stuck_out_tongue:

Its also gonna be hard to create a good variati of Runewords if we cant mix it up but still keeping a primary focus…

we could also make a little list of effects that would be cool to se :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the thing atm, we don’t know all the combos and how they will or wont work will builds.
I see it as a great way to make builds different, I also expect that some odd combos could be a lot of fun, just poking fun at PoE, after drinking a Potion you gain the power to clear a screen of all mobs, Joking.

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They did mention that they are working on a progression system for runes. I would love to see rune words work a lot differently than D2.

Take their trigger rune words which isn’t a bad idea at all. You can add trigger effects to socketable magic and rare items that will have the trigger and the affect. But when it is put into a socketed white item it changes to become a definite rune word with a definite name that would have static affixes where only the numbers change in value each time you make the rune word. That rune word would also keep the trigger and affect of the runes used in making it.

Then in other rune words you can have all kinds of affects that are not trigger based. Maybe having a rune word that would give you a percentage chance of a shower of rocks level x (I am thinking of the unique belt from Diablo 2 Median XL Sigma called Deadfall)

There is so much potential for depth with rune words, legendaries and sets as long as they don’t keep with the MMO funnel players into only one item type at end game we will be fine.

I don’t understand how this mechanic is supposed to work. Is it simply having runes sitting in your inventory?


What do you mean?
Sitting in the inventory?

Hell YEAH!