Rrrr, where be PTR notes?

Shouldn’t we be seeing them by now?:thinking:

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Well, the season has lasted only a month and a half so far. If it was going to be a normal length season, we should have heard some by now. However considering the previous seasons, I don’t think this well be a normal length season either which means the PTR is not even close.

I thought the PTR drops in 3rd month.

I am concerned. Frankly, upon reflection, they named the last patch 2.7 suggesting a major change to the game, but really only gave us the new follower changes. Hardly a substantial overhaul. It is sad but I fear they may be moving on from D3. As someone who has less-than-zero interest in playing a pay-to-win phone game made in China (TenCent), I wonder how much longer I belong in the Diablo world.


Probably not. I suspect that we still have a couple of weeks before the PTR.

The season started April 2. So it has been roughly 48 days (6 weeks and 6 days). Seasons typically last about 3 months (~13 weeks).


If they plan on longer seasons they need to either make them more compelling or add mid season buffs that will make a difference.

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We should not be seeing anything until july, going by the timeline set by earlier seasons.


Give the only dev still working on the game a little time to do the job. :laughing:


Impressive. Even Pinocchio would be a bit envious.

I’d guesstimate we would see patch notes sometime in June. It’s still a bit early, it just probably feels like it’s been a while due to not having a seasons theme and not many people still playing.

Are you referring to how they sold the follower rework as a major patch?

Quite honestly the follower rework was the biggest gameplay mechanics update since the necro release. I wouldn’t call it insignificant either.


Cool your jets. You have at least a month to wait.


If this season is about the same length as the last two (+/- 127 days), that means it will finish early August, and working back from there means early July for PTR start, and late June before any patch notes. So, Soon…

I find this s23 should be much shorter than s21/s22. Yes we do have a significant patch for followers, but there is really no difference between ns and s23 after the journey is done (in like 2 wks even for a casual?).


I was referring to your entire post. Yes, the follower rework AND the separate leaderboards was a lot of work. Those that code or works in that area even doubted the fact that the leaderboards would truly be separate ones due to how long it would take to code that. It sucks that we didn’t get a season theme and sure the rework follower system could be better, but to say the updates weren’t major is flat out wrong. Whether those changes mattered to you or not though is subjective.

To also say D:I was made in China is also rubbish. Tencent is PoE related, they have nothing to do with blizzard. It was Netease that helped work on the game a while back. It is very much a blizzard project.

I mean, I don’t like vanilla ice cream, but I’m not going to make up stuff about it. I’ll just stay in my corner stuffing my face with good ol chocolate ice cream (mmmm…chocolate).


As the others already stated, seasons usually last approx 3 months (give or take), with some of the recent seasons lasting a bit longer. So if this season follow suits, then it’s likely that we still have some time before the next ptr hits along with the end of the current season. That said, I’ll definitely end up laughing if this season ends up running for nearly 4 or more months.

If the PTR notes and the D4 blog are up next month that will be some interesting reading.

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Then you are dead wrong.

Organizing the LBs by set is not in-game changes. It merely is an organizational change. Followers are a very minor change.

You got me on TenCent…instead its NetEase, an equally Chinese company that makes disposable P2W mobile games. What a horrible argument that was…

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While it is a fairly small change, it is also the largest change in like, a few years?
This was the best patch in ages.


I know, and that is what makes me sad :frowning: