Roland Buff Request

Even though Roland 4pc was buffed after 2.6.10 Patch, two Roland variants are still not strong enough to push high GR.

I will be super appreciated if developers can consider additional buff to the legendary items for sweep attack/shield bash. Here is my suggestion.

i) Roland Sweep Attack
The main drawback of this build is its reliant on fishing as Denial shield favors more than 5 enemies having the stacked damage based on the amount of enemy hit. I think the concept of Denial shield is okay, but it will be better if there is any solution for facing a single monster like RG. You can redesign Drakon’s Lesson like this:

  • Drakon’s Lesson: Shield Bash and Sweep Attack deal 300-400% increased damage to the first 3 enemies hit.

Drakon will resolve the situation when there is a single monster (e.g., RG) for Sweep Attack Roland. There won’t be any balance issue for adding one more legendary for Sweep Attack because Drakon buff is only applied to the first 3 enemies, which makes it less efficient against large pack of monsters.

ii) Roland Shield Bash
There are many problems in this build. First of all, the most imperative issue is that Flail of Ascended is bugged, which does not receive buff from Endless Walk set and some other affixes. I hope you can test it internally. Secondly, Shield Bash burns resource like Hummer and needs more resource cost reduction. Third, Shield Bash does not have any core-legendaries that provide mutiplicative damage % affixes. Please buff those legendaries on the next PTR.

  • Piro Marella: reduces Wrath cost of Shield Bash by 75% and increase its damage by 450-500%.

  • Flail of the Ascended: Shield Glare deals damage equal to up to 5 last Shield Bash casts to each affected enemy. The damage of Shield Bash is increased by 450-500%.

Thank you for reading my post and I wish you have a happy holiday.


Sweep attack single target damage is fine. Think of it this way : if somehow sweep attack could one shot the boss, everything else stays the same, how high could it go compared to Shotgun/A6I2 ? I’ll tell you : still not high enough to be in the same world.
Sweep attack needs an overall DPS increase, probably through a new weapon (come on, why are we still using a furnace in 2020 ?), ideally a buff to Skywarden, since it’s a 2-handed mace. With it, you can increase the whole build, including its trash killing potential to be a match to the current meta builds. A ×2 to ×3 buff would be… enough. ×4 would make it quite strong.

Not talking about shield bash, imo it should be left as is, or removed from the game.


Yeah i am up for a Roland buff. This was the first time after 6 seasons i tried Roland and i was suprised to see that it was really strong. That is due to the 4th cube of course and the Norvald set. If they make this change permanent, which i wish they will, then Roland will be definitely a strong set, viable for pushing high GRs. If not, it will probably go back to being below average.

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Unfortunately, Shield Bash and Sweep Attack are both single-strike, frontal-cone abilities (though Shield Bash has a rune that adds some chained aoe damage effects). These skills don’t have a ‘first three targets.’ They hit all targets at the same time. Which is why Drakon is worded the way it is. However, Roland’s underperforms by a sizable enough margin that the restriction on Drakon doesn’t make any sense.

Drakon’s Lesson: Sweep Attack and Shield Bash deal [300-400]% increased damage. This effect is doubled when only a single target is damaged.

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An idea I have, enemy hit by Shield bash takes XXX% more damage & dos 50% less damage build into to the set.

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