RNG woes in nightmare dungeons

Long time blizzard player here, but jeez, it takes more effort than what seems necessary to give an unfavorable opinion on something in the game. It’s almost like they don’t want to have negative feedback.

That aside, getting insta-gibbed by packs of 3+ frost elites is just plain unfun. Even going in with an unstoppable barrier, I get killed in a cooldown on a tier 33 as an 83. This is as a high hp/armor/DR bear druid.

No frost mod was on my sigil, but the pack came, none-the-less. Guess it’s just my bad luck on RNG… much like I haven’t had a gear upgrade in the last 10 levels as well.

I thought D3 was a pain for RNG upgrades… this had been ridiculous on the upgrades and shart experience of nightmare dungeons. Even if you have reasonable consequences to your sigil, you can still get wrecked by whatever random affixes are applied to the elite pack you need to fight through.

I’d almost take a gamble at rolling a female being born again in this day and age.


Seriously, how hard is it to read the forum title? It clearly states “Diablo 3 Forums”.

Also there’s this very obvious sticky:



I post DIV related things on the DIV forum.

Pretty sure this DIII forum will go into no post mode before long.

As DIII forum will be filled with
“why no one in pub bounties any more?”
“How come my DIII clan is dead?”
“why no set pieces after chapter one done?”
“This game too easy at lvl 20, I’m killing everything!”

Looking forward to that future without D4 posts and D4 posters.

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