RNG not working on some items

Over the last week I have spend 40,000+ in blood shards ran 100+ GRs and spent not sure how much on rare upgrades and bounty materials trying to get at least an Ancient form of the Gauntlet of the Wastes gloves. In the last 2 to 3 days I have gotten like 60+ but no Ancient or primal. Does the Ancient and Primal version still exist in the game? I am also having the issue with the Helm of the Wastes but not remembering how much has been spent or dropped trying to get them. I understand those drop rates are low but should be possible as I have seen other items Ancient form several dozen times now.

Ancients are 1 in 10 legendaries.
Primals are in 1 400 legendaries.

Chances of your result for ancients…

  1. Number of events = 60
  2. Probability of success per event = 10%
  3. Probability of 0 successes = 0.1797%


Chances of your result for primals…

  1. Number of events = 60
  2. Probability of success per event = 0.25%
  3. Probability of 0 successes = 88.68%


The results you’re claiming about ancients would only happen to 1 in 556 players.
So, it’s possible, but it’s way more likely to be hyperbole.

You would probably have a better chance at getting ancient versions of what you want through doing bounties and using the reforge on normal versions of those items. Although that would mean doing something that would be just about as boring as GRs.

The next likely way is by drops.

The reason why you might not get an ancient by means or primal is because you have to remember there are other legendary and set gloves that can show up and be either ancient or primal. Thus taking the spot of the ones that you want.

One finally dropped a few hours after I posted this. I ran about 10 more GRs and after spending a few more thousands of blood shards and other resources to upgrade Rare’s. As for the drop rate I would agree on those numbers but seeing almost all other set gloves and most other legendries drop ancients 3 to 10 times before this one dropped, is why I posted it. For Premal’s I know that they are a long time waiting type drop so don’t expect to have a set of those for a couple years as the 1 in 400 I am not seeing it, it seems more like 1 in 800 and less.

nice advise, then he will come back to this thread and complain he hasn’t gotten an ancient one after 90 reforges