RMT & D2JSP - Big problem - Please read

Ok casu, thanks for your participation, you can now wait for diablo4.

High runes are “easy” farmable with travincal, but noobs and casu do not know this and just hope they’ll found their jah and ber in 3 days.
The rarity of items is WHAT MAKE items rare and make you proud to own them.
What’s the goal to play a D3 like where everyone is full stuff/clone within 3days?

For me, it’s not about getting any currency (like HRs now) any easier. For me it’s the question of available space. As long as we are not limited to any stash size (and I really doubt we won’t be), I’m fine using Runes as a currency. But at the moment I am limited to have any currency I am more to use FG from JSP.

One more aspect for me is the flexibility: With a fixed currency I can simply buy the stuff I want to. With loads of different runes I might have the problem to have enough wealth in runes to buy an item, but may have the problem to not own the proper one. So I need to exchange those ones first, being in the depency someone wants to exchange my rune. This can take a long time to find someone and as a grown up with work, family and pets, I don’t have that time or at least I am not interested in investing that time where I could better be playing the game.

Every item in the game is “easy” farmable, just need to kill the npc that can drop that item. As for travincal farming, it may be a nice quick static layout, but my logs say chaos runs are far superior to trav for high runes.

Luckily, D2R shouldn’t have a dupe problem because of modern Bnet and fixing exploits. D3 for example doesn’t have dupes so that issue, at least, should be solvable.

But completely agree on botting and RMT incentives. Very difficult issue with no clear solution other than BoA which is a non-starter w/ D2 playerbase.

This won’t be a problem for most botters on JSP and Auto shops on D2JSP as they have well over 100k FG in their bank, just from botting/duping and selling these items in the market again.

Some of you are confusing botting and multiboxing in WoW.
Botting is WoW has stopped to be profitable because multiboxing is much better and despite Blizzard banning it people still do it.
Get 30 accounts gathering herbs and within 2 hours it will make more money for you than any other bot and you can multi-server it.

Botting in D2:R will be however different, currently in D2 you’re a random email adress and a random account name with a game license for 3 euros.

In D2:R however you have to link your account to battle.net.
Normally Blizzard asks for private information for the account to be operational and banning you for botting will lock entire account and game license.

I recently popped up to Diablo 2 and saw lots of bots selling items.
For barely $7 i could get best items possible.
Do you really think it will be profitable to ban license of 40 euros in exchange for 10 euros profit?
If Blizzard act regularly on it then it might not be profitable to bot.

I think the only solution is to have a better system like d2jsp. Let’s be honest D2jsp is basically pretty crappy, without additional programs etc. it is very difficult to set an item … I have to look carefully what I have to manually enter the stats and then be permanently active on the page to see if someone is Interested in it. I have a modest search system and if you have parr chars full of items I also have to know which char it is on … Of course, blizzard now wants to leave d2r classic, which is a good thing. But because we get bigger chests and the runes are stackable, we can also trade more expensive items in-game (e.g. 20 stacks Jah-Rune vs Item XY). A good move would be if we got an official trading page for D2r (similar to Poe), which could for example also be inserted in-game instead of the chat with an additional tab. On an officer side, Blizzard had the upper hand again. They could make trading and finding items easier / better, which would automatically lead to the extinction of sites like D2jsp!