RMT & D2JSP - Big problem - Please read

I see more problems with it, than that.
I agree with your point of view,
but. - it’s a community full of exploiters/hackers/dupers, it might not be all of them but thats where they ‘live’.
secondly, it is RMT, and… I personally dislike RMT; should be fought.


Y hate on d2 jsp? its simply more convenient then current in game trading. Make ingame trading more convenient, which is what they are trying to do. As for trading forum gold I do kind of see your problem, but what does it matter to you? If other people have “Enigma” and you don’t, what is the problem? Ruining the market? If people don’t want to trade an item you want or no-one wants what you are offering, that’s not d2jsp’s fault. You could just start using d2jsp. If you don’t want to again that’s on you. I want minimal changes made for this remaster and if that’s not how it is, its entirely on me whether i play or not. It’s not blizzards responsibility to give me what i want. Your problem is with the community not the game. If the majority of the community uses d2jsp that just makes you the minority. I prefer d2 classic but I don’t whinge because more people play expansion.

Edit: I used d2jsp for a long time. I never spent a dime and i reached 10k+ running uber lvling services, rush’s and trading items. if u realy want you can play ladder slasher and trade items you find back to jsp for free fg. No1 even has to buy it the game will just buy it off you. Well at least thats how it appeared to work back when i used it 10+ years ago.

I don’t even use D2JSP. But I hope y’all are aware of the outcome. if they make the game like D3. I will absolutely not play. I joined random trade games and hustled my way thru trade games to create my original D2 fortune back in the day. If you guys ruin that cause of d2jsp I’mma be mad butt hurt.

I still play Diablo 3 because at times it can be fun, however it is a pretty trash game. It is literally the only blizzard game I put down because I’m bored of trying to find the same item I already have with marginally better stats. It’s piss poor design and lazy.

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The problem is forum gold having a real monetary equivalent. It incentivizes botting, duping, etc. botting and duping hurt the games economy at the expense of everyone’s else just so someone can have enigma and think he’s cool and the other guy can make a cash grab. It’s not d2jsp is inherently evil but it promotes a black market that otherwise wouldn’t exist or would be a much smaller problem than it currently is on live.

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I guess Blizzard will just have to start allowing users to buy and sell items directly through their battle.net accounts :joy:

The main reason d2jsp is the way to trade now is because there is no “real” currency in D2. It puts some type of value on items even if it is fictional forum gold. For example, the POE trading forums are so baron compared to the D2 trading forums on jsp. The main difference for that is POE has a currency system and items are worth something in game. High Runes will most likely be the main standard in D2R, but there are some items that are worth more than 40 HR, especially as the season progresses.

Bartering items for other items and high-runes in game is perfectly acceptable currency. The main drawback is the majority of the player base doesn’t understand the actual value of runes. The average unlearned D2 player just thinks a high rune = high rune. “How many HR is that worth?”

When every high rune itself has its own distinct value based on demand. The highest being Ber, followed closely by Jah then > Sur > Lo > Ohm/Zod > Cham/Vex.

I would be fine with an abstract currency being implemented (such as how fg works) just so long as it disappears after ladder reset and can’t be bought with real money.

Blizzard could stop the bots in D2 if they really wanted. It would cost some. But having game managers in servers 24/7 it is real easy to see the bots. Keep banning them eventually they will get tired of paying 40 $ every week. And for multiple offenders IP ban them.

Was thinking about an ingame currency as well. But, where would it come from? Giving all players X amount of that currency at season start can’t be the thing. So how would you start integrating it into the game?

Similarly how they implemented respec token that drop from the act bosses. The trick for any currency though is it can’t be useless (or almost useless) like gold. They could implement a “currency” item that can be gambled at a vendor and the return could be anything based on the amount traded.

Let’s hypothetically use a 1:10k drop chance for the currency item.
Trading 10x to Gheed will give you back a random rune Vex - Zod with a heavier weight towards the lower runes.
80% chance (Vex - Sur)
20% chance (Ber - Zod)
Another gamble could be 2x for any random TC87 Unique

Typical trash idea which will kill the game.


Don’t worry, without anything to get players to come back after a couple seasons, the game will kill itself.


Good news.
We do not want casual and unexperienced players kill the game just to play it for 4 months and leave it because
“it’s too hard, my barbarian do 0 dmg”
“i don’t understand why i don’t get any high runes”

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You should get into politics, either far left or right, no compromise or ideas of improvement.

You should wait for diablo4, or spam D4 forums if you want ideas of improvement then.
Because here, we want to play Diablo 2 RESURECTED.
We do not want “Diablo 2 : Resurected for noobs and casu”
We do not want D3 like, or any other game like; WE WANT DIABLO 2.

You assume everyone on here is a casual noob, but in reality there are those who have played just as much as you like to hint at or crush your hours played like it is nothing. I think you fall into the latter on this one…

I assume people asking to get high runes by a very easy way, like you suggest, are casual yes.
I assume peple asking for removing immunity @hell difficulty are noobs yes
I assume people asking for charm inventory, personnal loots are casuals or noobs yes.
And you know what? Noob or casual are not insult.
Diablo 2 is not an easy game, everyone is a noob at start. We do not want an easy game, let diablo 2 as it is.
And casual players which ask for easy high runes or very rare items to be non rare will kill the game yes, like diablo3.
To remember, diablo 3 : you are full stuff in 3 days. AMAZING.

We do not want this.

I have seen players with double my playtime but still strugle with even hell diff. Playing so much like a pro dosent makes you automaticly good with the game. In world of tanks i have seen players with 50k games having 500-600 wn8. But thx for another weak argument.

If you can do math, that is not at all an easy way to get a high rune. It would take on average 100,000 kills in order gamble for the right high rune and far more than that to get a jah/ber. The same would be for the TC87 item which there are about 29 of them and only about 3 are worth something if they roll well. The whole topic of this thread is to combat trading forums which already put an arbitrary currency on game items. I hope an in game item actually becomes the currency so I don’t have to trade on d2jsp, but as it stands arbing in game trades to d2jsp will be better than getting drops in game.