RMT & D2JSP - Big problem - Please read

Hi there, you beautiful community. I hope this thread can get enough attention, so the D2R team will read it.

I’m a very passionate Diablo player, and I know for a fact, that I am speaking on behalf for multiple individuals in the community.

Real money trading will be a reality, and hopefully, the D2R team will take action agaisn’t it.

D2JSP, and why Blizzard should fight it.
The current meta for trading in D2LoD is D2JSP, and if there is going to be no rule enforcement with RMT in D2R, it’s very likely that D2JSP will become the meta once again.
The website is using ‘forum gold’, as a currency for trading.
Forum gold can be purchased for real life money, 3000 forum gold for 100 USD.
You can’t sell forum gold directly back to the site, but you can swap your forum gold for things with actual money value, such as CS-GO skins, or even currencies in other games, that is easy to sell off.

  • This is a completely random website, profiting off Blizzard games, and sadly, this entire community is build around hackers/botters/exploiters/RMTwebsites.
  • These are individuals who have been ‘hoarding’ value, by duping/botting etc through many many years.
  • When a website, gets a purchase of specific items, the owners simply go to D2JSP, with their massive amount of Forum Gold, and purchase the items from other players, to then give to the customer on the RMT site.

Overall, D2JSP is a really awful thing for D2R, and I, with wishful/hopeful thinking, hope this team of D2R, will do their best and try to stop it.

If you were to see Forum Gold as ‘real life money’, you could ban off these users, and the site would die very quickly.

Thanks for reading, I hope this will get some attention.

Edit: I know we cannot STOP RMT, or STOP BOTTING, but Blizzard should still fight it(??) Please use common sense, I know it will always exist, that is not the point of this topic.


Any game with open trading will have this problem. You can’t escape it. PoE also has d2jsp trading but yet it’s still the top ARPG on the market right now.

I’ve heard people getting detected and banned for trading massive amounts of Exalted Orbs in trade, so they do fight it somehow. But there are people out there that don’t get caught, and that’s the reality you have to live in.

I’m looking at the d2jsp forums as a guest on the D2R section, and I see people speculating that an Enigma set will be worth 25k-35k fg on the first month or so. You’d have to be mental to spend ~1000 USD for an Enigma. I don’t think people would even buy Forum gold at that point, they’d just trade for it.

At this point, however, I think that it wasn’t really D2jsp that was the problem, it was the massive amounts of bots and duping.


I agree with you,
however the 'enigma costing 30.000 forumgold - which would be 1000 USD…
It’s not like people would just simply buy forum gold, its also the fact that, there is people sitting on millions of forum gold, and it will be used.

  • Bots & duping is of course the worst part, and trust me, that entire community is on D2JSP aswell.

Not everyone on the site is swimming in forum gold and money. There will always be those few people that buy their way in, but it seems most people there are just average people trading stuff for forum gold.

Plus, the beauty about D2 was that the itemization was so well done that some guy could spend thousands of dollars on a character, but some guy that spent 100 could still kill him in a duel because the rich guy is bad at the game. lol

All in all, I think Blizzard should just step up their game focus on getting rid of bots/duping/hackers. Although it won’t completely get rid of RMT (there will always be RMT), it will stabilize it by a large, LARGE amount.


True, and I never said that.
But it is a community build up by hackers/botters/exploiters/rmters.
I overall think its really bad for the game.

  • That normal people can use it too, for good reasons… well okay, but they’re still supporting the ‘bad people’

Blizz will have to provide a viable alternative.

Even something as small as providing more stash space to hoard items would possibly result in people feeling less obligated to constantly be emptying up their limited stash space.

A collection of small changes like that could be all that it takes to keep the general playerbase away from RMT websites.


Agreed, probably the best idea.
I just don’t see it happening, because it would be a big change to how D2 is supposed to be.

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I don’t think the problem is “blizzard allowing d2jsp”. I think the real problem is logistically it’s not really possible to stop something like d2jsp with the way the trading system works in this game. The only way to truly stop d2jsp is to just prevent trading all together, but obviously nobody wants this.

Edit: I’m all for blizzard preventing d2jsp trades in D2R. I just don’t know a realistic approach where this would ever work without hurting the normal player’s game experience.

The best communities out there right now to play diablo ii are the ones that ban bots and d2jsp trading.

As long as we can stay away from clientless bots flooding the servers like they do on the current vanilla version of battle.net that is a huge win.

I’m sure there will be some fight back from blizzard to keep bots off the game for the first few months. However, I believe there are plenty of people out there that would be moderators for free to keep the game clean for years on end.

It’s going to be a tough fight to keep the game clean of bots, but in the long run it’s a worthwhile endeavor to keep the longevity of the game. There are plenty of people out there that think the game is being saved by sites like d2jsp and botting in general keeping the servers active. However it is the exact opposite because these things have pushed the actual lovers of legit d2 gameplay off of battle.net and into the modding communities to avoid these things so the jsp’ers and botters are the only ones left on the main servers.

Blizzard is going to make several hundred million dollars from slapping a coat of paint on a game made 20 years ago, I really hope they can dedicate a small percentage of those funds to keep the game free of cheats for as long as possible.


A Barter House(items for items) would be a good idea because it still keeps trading in game and not through other trading sites. If they made it to where the only way you could trade items was through the Barter House then that would get rid of trading items on d2jsp for fg. This would allow people to still trade fairly without having people buy their way to the top of the ladder because they have a bunch of fg on d2jsp. When the Ladder resets so does the Ladder Barter House. All items go to the Non-Ladder Barter House, and when the new Ladder starts the Ladder Barter House starts fresh.


The more the D2R community shuns offsite trading, promotes in game trading and fair play, the better it will be. Highly unlikely they will all be stopped, and you may always have some level of this, but this is really the only way to combat the issue.


But wouldn’t the website just create barter house games to make their trades then?

This is exactly right, they need to make it easy to trade in game, and there will always be outside trading to some extent.

Truthfully, if someone finds a 1/billion rare item, there’s no way someone will be able to give enough for it in one ladder season. Of course for these items, provided there is no duping, these will always be sold for outside currency.

For small items, though, rune for rune, Pgem trades, common uniques, etc, they should make it much easier to trade item for item, so those trade sites arent involved in nearly every trade, like they are now.

There would be no trading games which would clear up the games list. The Barter House would be like WoW Auction House, except no gold is involved unless you wanted to trade your game gold, or trade for game gold. You go to the Barter House in game. It would make it harder for websites to trade because too many people would be trading at times, and they may not get what they’re looking for, etc.

You literally cannot stop this.

Blizzard has no way to detect what trades were done using a third party website. No alternative system they create will be third party website-proof. Even a “barter house” would be used by third party websites using weird trade requests like “1x skull cap for 5x SOJ” or something.

The only way to stop this is to disable trading outright.

So no, Blizzard isn’t going to do anything about this. They can’t.

You people keep screaming that personal loot would kill this game. Well guess what? Shared loot is going to hurt it just as bad because of the trading economy.

There is no winning move here.

Personally? I’d rather Blizzard implement personal loot and disable trading, than have to deal with black markets at all.


This would kill the pvp community of D2.


According to you people every little change would kill this game, so you have no leg to stand on. You’re the same group of people who claim D3 is an objectively bad and unsuccessful game, and yet it is still one of Blizzard’s strongest games at the moment.

(FYI I like D2 more than D3 but I still don’t deny D3 is fun and is more appealing to casual gamers, which is not a bad thing.)

If you want Blizzard to do something about RMT in D2R you are going to have to accept they will need to change a fundamental part of how the game works. Because open trading = RMT. Period. The end. You cannot stop it. Blizzard has tried stopping it for 10+ years in WoW and still has not succeeded.


Yep , Yep , Yep RMT killed D2 already lets not have it kill D2R


You can’t have your cake and eat it too, sadly.

You want an identical experience to D2, great. That will have to include RMT, because nothing Blizzard implements or does will be able to stop RMT websites from peddling their wares. RMT still happens in WoW after 10+ years of attempts to stop it. You think D2R is gonna come out with a magic fix? If they had a fix, they would have implemented it in WoW already.

You can only have one of these two things:

  1. A carbon copy of D2 including its loot system and RMT, or,
  2. No RMT at the cost of a changed loot system.

You can have your cake or you can eat it. Not saying that to troll or to be mean, it’s just the reality of online gaming. If there was a magic fix that stopped RMT, it would be in WoW, FFXIV, etc. already.


Was this directed at me? if so, you’re totally wrong. I am all for many changes in this game, I’m fine with stacked gem/runes, don’t care if they implement charm inventory, etc.

Also, I played D3 last night, it’s a fun game.

There are things blizzard can do to lessen the impact of RMT, but no, without bind on account you can’t eliminate it.

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