Rip nymbol first hc passing

my first hc char laid her last spike last night. i walked into corpse explosion. i think it was laggy, cause i still have no idea how i all the sudden had them things going off like that…

i tried vault i had hand on keyboard. she bit the dust mad fast. i had them gloves for 10 min shrines too! darn.

i can’t seem to find a public game…anyone wants to help level my new char ill be on today.

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If I’m on, look me up. I’m done with season but I can dust off one of my HC toons and level you up. Argos#1307

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Side note, the URL for your Forum Summary also includes your bnet tag.

Argos summary is:
or Argos#1307

My summary is:
or Deos#1900

You can see it by mousing over the Forum Username on any post.
(No idea how it works with non-standard characters. Just noticed and wanted to share the discovery!)