RGK Balancing Cruz, Necro DH

I have been comparing the damage different builds should do to bosses using D3planner with perfect gear and 5k paragon, what it shows is still a huge gap between Crusader and all other options, while understandable that the Crusader should stay on the top step (since it gives the least amount back to the party if a AD character is used at least) the damage of other builds could be scaled to match a bit better, almost all of them could use a buff of at least 50% to even come in the ballpark of being viable.

I used these builds and numbers to calculate the damage and used a function in excel to take a rough calculation for the time it takes to kill a rift guardian. Please comment on where I am wrong

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But my calculations show the time to kill for a crusader after the nerfs to be around 110 seconds, while impale with the buffs will take around 254 seconds about the same time as hungering arrow UE build with perfect up time of squirts and entangling arrow.

Assumption is 3 hits for each Hungering arrow, with 4 hits (which it never does on bosses) it would be within a minute from a Crusader at ridiculous gear lvls and maybe viable for the benefit of entangling arrow.