Returning player looking for some UE MS gear/aug advice

So I’ve come back after 3-4 years away, crafted a Cpt Crimson set, rolled off some CD and now I’m looking for upgrades. What gear looks most in need of some Kadala gambling love/replacement?

Obviously I could use more ancient gear (or primal - those were a nice surprise, shame I only dropped a Hadori & Bow of Hashir so far). On the ancient gear thought, any look worth augmenting?

And on augments in general, are there best slots to augment first? Like rings for example since they have less main stat?

Have you tried the new DH set (Gears of Dreadlands)? It basically replaced UE Multishot in all aspects including speed bounties and rifts. It’s so strong right now that there are setups with 2 GoD DH + 1 support DH + 1 support Barb that speed farm GR120+ with modest paragon. This was absolutely not possible with Multishot!

If you must insist on using Multishot, then some of the older guides should still be useful but note that you will be quite a bit behind when playing in groups.

Oh I know. I haven’t dropped enough GoD to build a good set yet. Currently using it for my speed run DH. Eventually I’ll switch, but for now I’m using UE MS for some solo play or with friends. Mostly just looking to optimize this gear for now, I’ll worry about GoD once I get better drops.

You can keep using UE until you find more pieces for the GoD setup. I would recommend you save all augments for that build instead of UE.

better bow and amulet would help. even a bad 6pc god would be better tho.

And augments in general? Best slots to do first? If any are better than others (in general).

focus is usable for god, so that first, otherwise it makes no difference at all. but like iria said, its probably a waste to augment something you plan on getting rid of soon. boots are decent for ue, if you insist on augmenting, they would be next. bow is your only other ancient and its a really low dmg roll so i wouldnt bother at all.

I just meant very general. Like is it smarter to upgrade rings before shoulders since they have lower main stat rolls. Not this gear specifically.

I haven’t looked at your build, but generally speaking, you want to augment whatever gear piece that won’t be easily replaced by a better drop.

For instance, if your boots are ancient, have a decent mainstat and vit, and All Resist as well as Multi-shot damage increase, then you’re unlikely to replace them anytime soon and they’re worth augmenting.

As for rings, if you feel like the rings aren’t going to be replaced anytime soon, then you can augment them. If you think an upgrade could be right around the corner, then save your augment for that better ring.

^ other than that it really makes no difference whatsoever. it all goes towards the same dex pool, it makes no difference what item its on. adding 500 to a ring with 0 is the same as adding 500 to a helm with 1k.

Hey Symber;

Run what you want, UE is a blast.

One direction to look at with the current UE build is the Hungering Arrow variant. It is a lot stronger than MS at the moment, and some of the gear that you are farming for GoD will work with the UE HA.

Of your current gear, the three pieces that are most worthy of an augment are your boots, Focus, and squirts Your jewelry isn’t great, but a good upgrade might take awhile.

The #1 improvement that you can make to your build is to find an ancient Yangs with a half decent MS secondary. The damage boost is well worth the mats spent.

Hope this helps

edit: Those are some hella old Oculus rings on your followers :slight_smile:

edit #2: just noticed that Squirts isn’t ancient, so only 2 pieces to augment at this moment.

Thanks everyone, this gives me a few solid goals and direction to work on. Should keep me busy. Much appreciated!

And yeah, haven’t really touched my followers in ages. I can only imagine when those rings are from :joy:


I recognize those - i have one legacy that had the 40% max and one even older with NO leg power at all in my mule stash :rofl:

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