Returning player - had a few questions

Hey, all! I’ve been away from the game for quite some time. I caught up a little on reading about S23 changes, and being mainly a solo player, I am cautiously optimistic to be coming back!

With that, I am wondering what the new “lazy” build is. Nothing intended for pushing the leaderboards, but just something that I can speed run GR80 (or whatever it may be these days) to level up gems while watching Netflix. In the past, most of my time has been spent on the Barbarian, Crusader & Necromancer.


If you haven’t given it a try yet, you have to take the Whirlwind Rend Barbarian for a spin - it’s the kind of build you can almost play with one hand at lower levels (a decently geared WW Rend Barb should be able to pretty comfortably clear up to GR100), but also if you feel so inclined, you can really push it up the leaderboards. Variants for bounties, rifts, speed GRs, solo push GRs - just a really great all-round build, and one I find myself returning to when I just want to tear up some speed GRs. Free has a great guide here, and if you’ve got questions there’s always someone in the comments of that thread willing to help.

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WW Barb w / Wrath of the Wastes set is pretty lazy - spin through everything and pop the occasional buff on cool down.

Monk using Patterns of Justice set is about the same way.

Both are fast builds, also, if you like doing mid level speed runs.

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Awesome, thank you! I would imagine that it will still be pretty viable in S23? There didn’t seem to be too many set changes in the PTR notes that I read.

Yes, definitely! No changes to the build itself in terms of supporting legendaries being buffed/nerfed, but the changes to how followers work should make play a little more rewarding if you primarily play solo. If nothing else, just being able to give your follower a Flavor of Time amulet and Nemesis Bracers will make a small but significant difference to those chill GR80s while you’re watching Netflix :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Thank you!! Fortunately, I probably have all of the items I need while I get back into the swing of things.

A side question - how many additional stash tabs are there before you’re at max? I am wondering if I should just go ahead and rebirth my warrior to S22 and try to get another stash, if I’m not maxed already.

13 is max stash tabs available.

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  • Crusader - Valor set + Steed set with focus on Fist of the Heavens (screw Heaven’s Fury). With it you can reasonably-easily farm GR100 with optimal gear.

  • Barb - Wastes set.

  • Necro - no idea.

How to Obtain Number of Stash tabs granted
Diablo 3 4 (1 granted immediately, 3 bought with gold)
Reaper of Souls 2 (bought with gold)
Necromancer DLC 2 (granted immediately)
Seasonal Conqueror 5 (1 per season, takes a total of 5 seasons)
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I had another question - how fast do you gain Paragon levels now? I believe I am just over 1,400, which isn’t a lot by today’s standards, but it was back when I last played D3 seriously. I know that playing in group play will always be the best bet when it comes to Paragon farming, but I’d rather not PuG those runs.

WW/Rend Barbarian - this is my personal go-to ‘do everything’ build. Speed farming? Check. Solo pushing? Check. Group play? It’s just fine.

Patterns of Justice Monk - see above, though not as tanky. It has higher burst damage potential, however.

GoD Demon Hunter - the fastest farming build with pushing potential. Very fun when solo. BUT if it’s current PTR nerf makes into the upcoming patch, this is a dead build and you should stay away.

Those are the spin-to-win builds. A necro has many options to add speed for farming and is currently the top pusher as far as number of GR150 clears. There is also a Wizard build coming that will utilize a re-worked Firebirds set which will allow teleport spamming. Hard to say what this will end up looking like, as it is currently being tested in the PTR. Otherwise, Wizard currently has nothing to keep up with everyone else in terms of speed.

Spirit Barage w/ Mundunugu’s set is the top Witch Doctor build, if that class interests you. It’s both fast, strong, and a fair bit of fun.

I am largely ignorant on Crusaders. I don’t play them.

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Nothing has really changed here. 90% of the time I am a solo player as well and this season (S22) I’m nearly to 1500 paragon, playing almost daily. Group grinders will have doubled that amount (and more).

Wow, it seems crazy that solo players can hit 1500PL in one season!

About how many hours a day do you play? I’d be able to play maybe 2-3 hours a night.

You know how it is. Sometimes its for 5 minutes. Other times I’m wondering why the sun is coming up so soon… :relaxed:

Translation: He plays enough (in gamer’s term).

I hear ya!

If anyone would like to add me, please do so! I have 1 friend on my list that plays D3; I just added him/her last night because they offered me a power level lol. I’m just going to coast along non-seasonal until S23.

I’d suggest trying out WW barb, or WR barb. I think another class with a lazy build would be Monk with the PoJ set. I’d say those 2 classes has the best lazy builds.

Boom boom boom…boom wizard is fun.

No-one tell him about the EU player that has over 9000 paragon this season…

Take a look at…

That page has calculators showing how much XP / paragon you’d gain running GRs at a particular level, and what level of GRs / how many per hour, you’d need to run in order to gain particular numbers of paragon levels.

As an example, I entered details in there, with existing paragon level of 1400, wanting to get to 1500, doing solo GR90s, with 30 seconds in town between each run, each run taking 5 minutes, and playing for 3 hours a day. It estimates it would take 24 hours played.


So I dabbled a little last night with the WWRend build. I got my butt handed to me in a GR75 lol. I am missing a few pieces, like the Ambo’s and Mortick’s Bracers. Both of these items are non-season, right? And is Ambo’s a 1H or 2H, so I know what to gamble for?