Rest In Peace Diablo 3

This is actually a plus for me.

S28 was a big season which took up more time than a season usually does for me. Going back to a cruisey season before the Altar drops again is definitely a nice change of pace.

Ya, not very impressive for over 2 weeks in. Now look at HC. #500 Wiz is GR45 and #500 SSFM Wiz is GR61, so #1000 for HC Wiz is about GR55. Now combine both LB’s for WD and you can get the #811 spot combined with a GR1 in 14:59.

I have never seen a time a week into the season much less over 2 weeks into a season where all the HC over solo LB’s didn’t have all 1000 spots filled in. Most likely a combination of unpopular theme and D4 being available.

Also, people are disappointed that there is no altar.

Hardcore also has far less players than softcore which is still reasonably active.


Not very impressive numbers

True, the combination of no real (buffing) theme and the para cap is just a turnoff for some people.


And HC usually has all the overall solo LB’s full by first week, still not the case for S29, so pretty easy tell the player base is significantly down this season.

As you and I agree, there are multiple reasons for this, including people transitioning to D4.

I think that who/the distribution of players that will play more this season will change. Previously, those who wanted to compete but realized that they could not keep up with the main stat grind may play more.

Oh, I agree that some will stick around more because they think they can be competitive now. Unfortunately from what I am seeing is this is small in comparison to the people who quit early/didn’t play because the game has devolved into waiting for RNGesus to drop an upgrade.

Cutting off a major part of game play will more often than not hurt the number of users/user hours than help. I am totally fine with a paragon cap, but I think they lowballed it too much. A cap around P3200 would have kept the xp grinders engaged significantly longer while keeping it close enough so casuals would not feel they can’t keep up.


In D3, you improve your character in multiple ways:

  1. Getting well-affixed/well rolled ancient gear versus regular gear
  2. Augmenting presumably well-affixed/well-rolled ancient gear.
  3. Improving legendary gem levels
  4. Improving paragon.

In S29, #4 is not relevant and all others remain as is. For #3, you do not need to rely on RNGesus. In capped versus uncapped season, 1-3 are identical.

For all the players who claimed that there is nothing to do this season, I do wonder is their gear augmented? What level are their legendary gems?

For me, paragon levels in uncapped seasons are a byproduct of #1-3. Paragon is not the goal.

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Well 1 is purely luck based and after a certain level not motivating anymore.
2. Is only time consuming and luck can only speed it up or slow it down. You usually reach over 1k gons as byproduct of farming augment mats. After all 13 slots this is also capped.
3.has a rather low cap if you focus on only few builds which can be reached shortly after 800 gons as well. (Or maybe even earlier)
4. The only non luck based reward that remained besides 1 after a while.

Now after you augmented the build you want ro play there is nothing left to do, to improve it further. Primal dropchances are abysmal and not motivating to pursue. Paragon was the only power source that kept on giving.

Personally I now moved on to other builds, but players that really only wanted to play their favourite have nothing left to do after 2 and 3 are sone


Not in the slightest, it’s no cowbell. Like do we really need to keep learning the same lessons here and be surprised by them?

No Altar
No power theme
No paragon leveling
No player retention

It’s very simple and it’s what we screamed on PTR about and were ignored. Oh well, let’s hope they got the message for S30, at least most of it will be automatic with Altar and a rotating power theme.


And others who are grinding 1-3 is the byproduct that happens anyway. 1-3 already happens for a large part in week 1.

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Have you seen the profiles of many of the players who stated that they completed the season on the forum?

If so, you will see that progress on 1-3 are often quite limited.

I do not expect all gear for one’s favorite build to be augmented. As we know, some items are particularly problematic to find as well-affixed ancients. If I only have a few ancients or few augments, I would not say that the season is completed.

Even when I “completed” one build for a class, I can still play another class for fun. I switched from DH to wizard.

What legendary gem levels are “sufficient” in your mind? That is not luck based but a function of time just like paragon levels until gem levels are maxed ut.

No why should i? I also completed this season, but i havent even started this season. Alot of others are also done like predicted at para 800 or after season journey because they know the para cap is boring to them.

Yes ive seen this reasoning also, like “how are you done? you can play ssf, hc, different regions”. Why, why do the boring part again only to have no purpose for the players not liking the cap.


What do you mean by this?

I agree it’s not luck based (unless you count fishing for 1% upgrades of)
However it is strictly capped.

If your build can Clear GR130, I’d say gem levels are realistically capped at 131. However I also understand if someone stops a few levels prior to his max push level

I completed it by not playing, im not saying season journey. Completing a season is different for everyone, for one it is going to lvl70, for another it is making the leaderboard, for others just playing till they’re done. For me this season i was done before it started.

Do you have a sense of how many of the players who claimed already that they finished the season, reached within 5 GRs of their potential solo level?

For this, I mean that the average D3 player just relative to their own abilities without fishing.

I bet that it is a low percentage.

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There are too many variables to make a founded estimation on this and also no way to confirm or deny the result

I would agree that it’s a very low percentage. For many the season is over once they finished the journey or reached p800 or beat GR100 or whatever goal they had in mind.
Most of those aren’t affected by the cap.

However all those players that usually go the way to an augmented build are affected by the cap and might be put off by the fact that they can’t use any points beyond 800

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With what you have said, the cap affects a small percentage of the playerbase. We had 28 uncapped seasons. Is it that bad to have a single season with a paragon point allocation cap?

For me at least, I go above 800 paragon in most recent seasons. I think that I was 2,800 in S28. I am fine having a single season where I am not competing with players with 8,000 paragon point to distribute to main stat and also do not mind that someone with 800 paragon could compete with me when I had 2,800 paragon.

For me Personally it’s fine, I’m still playing and still have lots of plans for the season.
However that doesn’t make the issue go away for others

I usually don’t care for leaderboards and just play until I can’t progress anymore (1-3 done), then switch classes and do 1 -3 again until I run out of stash space. (So usually at 3 classes)

This time the boards are so dead that I might push a little. I was rank 1 previously, the competition is so low I might end with a few builds at R1