Rest In Peace Diablo 3

I played @ the season start. Rolled seasonal then after SSF. I was shocked on how little people actually played. I mean I was expecting most wouldn’t but the game was dead even on season start date.
It’s over folks.
I love Diablo 3 and and would have loved new content and even an expansion but,
the end times have arrived.



I could get groups easily enough when I played a couple days ago. But what you expect from a game from 2012?
It really is not over until they shut down the servers.


This season is not very popular for several reasons, but one of them is the para cap. Maybe next season will be more popular with the altar back, but the other reasons like its an old game and people moved on still remain ofcourse.


your profile doesnt even have a seasonal character in it. nice try sir.


Dont know if talking to me, if me yes you are right, if about him you coukd be right but profiles are not very accurate. Yours shows 2 seasonal characters of 3.8k para, i dont think that is accurate.

Paragons from last season- i do have 2 ssf seasonals

Time for a server cache flush :wink:

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I assume you’re not talking about me.

To be fair, profiles are not correct. I have two seasonal ssf characters and neither of them show it on the profile. The gear and builds look correct, except the cube for whatever reason… but paragon is same as non season and there is no icon to differentiate them

Looking forward to season 30 and onwards, will be fun with the altar+random theme combo.


If Visions also become permanent, S30 and onwards will be the best seasons ever.

Altar + Visions + Actual theme would be a lot of fun


I did normal season first, finished season journey
I then made season SSF and did the season journey on it
I made SSF HC and FINALLY got my Necro going and have had fun, just not enough time to play right now

yeah they are tricky. sorry if I offended. to be fair I didn’t name anyone lol.


You end without anything to do too fast now that there is a Paragon Cap, a lot of people started the season, but after 1 week, very few stayed playing

S28 will remain as the best D3 Season


Im still seeing the usual suspects playing D3 on my friends list. Always a couple playing WoW… maybe 2 hard liners on D4. It’s the crowd who compete on leaderboards though – not many casual players. I’m finding good value playing. Got a window before season 2 here and this size and scale of a season theme fits it perfectly.

Quite a number of my clan returned to D3 in S29 start and they’re still here. I think D4 really disappointed a lot of people.



definately S28 was much much bigger. I started out strong in S28 with a ton of hours ealy on and still couldnt make the leaderboards. This time around im plodding along and i like 500 of DH. But is it a surprise ? there is nothing to this season, there is no extra dimension for making yourself more powerful, its a big rollback and claim that fissures help you farm faster, but they really dont.

The paragon cap was a big turn off for alot of ppl. This was the shortest season for me and the first season in a long time which i didnt feel like playing.


We can say that season 29 is a more relaxed season.

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On the America region server for SSF wizard, there are a 1,000 players who have cleared at least GR 115.

Apparently the S29 theme of fun removal was not fun for the playerbase. Time for another corporate meeting to discuss this phenomenon.